Month: July 2021


Understanding Trash Liners Is Important For The Environment

Trash Liners

Living and doing business in an environmentally friendly manner is an all-or-nothing sort of thing, at least that’s what we preach! When it comes to doing what you can to reduce your impact or environmental “footprint”, especially in the case of garbage, waste, and recyclables, it’s important to know what you’re doing so that you’re […]

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Bird Abatement: How Your Business Benefits

Bird Abatement Services

You may think at first that to say that birds can hurt your business is a stretch, but humor us for a moment. Wherever your business operates and in whatever kind of facility, be it an office, a warehouse, or something else, the presence of birds is almost guaranteed. Even in the winter! The reality […]

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Dance Studio: 3 Tips to Keep Your Floors in Top Shape

Dance Studio

If you know anything about dance studios, then you may know that the flooring in dance studios is commonly referred to as “Marley dance flooring”. It’s a generic term adopted by the industry to describe the performance vinyl dance flooring surface that dancers practice and perform on. Marley dance flooring isn’t limited in use to […]

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Car Dealership Janitorial Tips For Best Showroom Appearance

Car Dealership Janitorial

The automotive industry relies heavily on appearances and first impressions, and nowhere at a car dealership is more important than in the showroom. Especially in the wake of the pandemic, you can expect car shoppers to be extra-sensitive to the sanitary conditions of public places. The scope of your car dealership janitorial and condition of […]

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Medical Office Janitorial: 5 Must-Have Steps

Medical Office Janitorial

Healthcare facilities – especially medical offices – should have more intensive janitorial programs than most other public places and facilities. People go to medical offices to receive attention and treatment for their health, after all, which is why a strict and methodical approach should be taken to medical office janitorial. Further, to support the physical […]

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Electrostatic Disinfecting: Why It’s Still Important for Your Facility

Electrostatic Spraying

Disinfecting services have been important for as long as they have been around. For obvious reasons, at the beginning of last year, they took on a whole new importance. Newer, more enhanced disinfecting solutions were even introduced by way of Emergency Authorization by the FDA as a result of COVID-19. However, even the most experienced […]

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The Impact That Office Redesign & Refresh Can Have On Employees

Office Redesign

No matter the type of workspace your company has, one thing that is pretty universal across different businesses and even across different industries is that your office has an effect on your employees. Whether or not that effect is positive or negative, or the overall balance of the positive and negative effects combined, is up […]

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Daycare Cleaning: Tips For Keeping The Kids Healthy

Daycare Cleaning

As life returns to normal, parents are more comfortable letting their children return to daycare. To date, though, a vaccine that is safe for children hasn’t been developed, so the cleaning and disinfecting of daycare centers and facilities is very important and should be scrutinized! COVID-19 or not, daycare facilities should be kept clean and […]

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Warehouse Janitorial: 5 Must-Have Procedures For Your Facility

Warehouse Janitorial

Warehouses differ from most other facilities when it comes to janitorial procedures. They’re meant for the storage of products and inventory, and various other resources for anywhere from short to long periods of time. They’re large, open facilities typically with high ceilings, and involve a lot of foot and (possibly) vehicular traffic coming in and […]

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Air Monitoring: Returning to the New Normal With AirAnswers

Clear Blue Sky Clean Air

The “new normal” is a phrase that has entered the sphere of day-to-day buzzwords that people use to refer to life after COVID-19. While some may roll their eyes, most people say “new normal” out of genuine concern for what life will look like in the coming months and years, versus what it used to […]

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