Month: November 2022


Hire a Facility Management Company – 3 Reasons

Hire a Facility Management

As working in a tidy, well-equipped, and safe environment provides a pleasant and functional workspace, it can benefit you and your team by hiring a facility management company for your business. It enhances the quantity and quality of the work your employees put in and establishes a sense of trust and loyalty between them and […]

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Your HOA – 5 Benefits of Hiring a Day Porter

Your HOA

Any well-kept, maintained, and clean location speaks a lot about management and ownership. Keeping a place well-maintained is another way of telling the clients and visitors that their safety and comfort are the management’s priority. It provides a positive gesture about your business. Being overloaded with things to manage decreases your productivity. After all, one […]

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Electrostatic Spray Technology – 5 Features

The electrostatic spray is a disinfecting device that covers all surfaces and touchpoints to eliminate all bacteria and viruses. The electrostatic spray technology functions as a sanitizer and prophylactic for hazardous viruses and germs in a confined space where ventilation is already less, resulting in germ and bacteria buildup. The disinfecting and sanitizing process is […]

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Air Quality – The Importance Monitoring

Air quality

Breathing clean and fresh air is important for properly working lungs and a healthy body. While we can’t fully control the air quality outdoors, at a major level, we can control and maintain the air quality that we breathe indoors. Monitoring air quality within premises is crucial with a lack of ventilation and fresh air […]

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Sanitation Tips for the Hospitality Industry – Top 5

Sanitation Tips

Whether you visit a restaurant, a hotel, or an amusement park, there are certainly lots of threats and dangers that lurk around you and your family. Whether you are a regular visitor of such places or an owner of one, being aware of the sanitation tips is equally important for all to keep yourself, your […]

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