Month: September 2020


Store Cleaning: Your Customers Expect a Clean Store!

Retail Store Cleaning and Janitorial

First impressions have always been an essential step when it comes to getting people in your store’s front door. Now that more businesses are opening and people are feeling more safe to shop, first impressions mean just about everything. There are several areas in a store that your customers will be looking for when deciding […]

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Warehouse / Production Facility Cleaning: Common Touch Points

Warehouse Production Facility Cleaning and Janitorial

Warehouses are, by nature, large facilities that house a high volume of people. Under normal circumstances, this can lead to extremely powerful and wide-scale operations in a very efficient way. Now, due to the novel coronavirus, it’s an environment that needs to be carefully managed to keep your business open – and protect your workforce. […]

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Commercial Cleaning: Smoke/Ash/Fire Damage

Cleaning smoke/ash/fire damage

When it comes to developing a commercial cleaning schedule, most people plan for the day-to-day and the ‘once or twice per year’ deep clean. Nobody wants to – or plans to – develop a response plan for wildfires, but unfortunately when tragedy occurs, caring for your facility becomes more than simple checklists. Fire, smoke, ash, […]

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Window Cleaning: What You Need to Know About Your California Windows

Window Washing and Cleaning

Window cleaning is an important task under normal conditions for any business – windows can make or break the appearance of any facility with ease, and are all too often neglected, which can damage your company’s reputation amongst customers, investors, and prospective business partners. However with the addition of the wildfires and the novel coronavirus, […]

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Commercial Janitorial Services: What To Look For In Your Provider

Commercial Janitorial Service Provider

Although companies hiring outsourced commercial janitorial services is a cost effective choice, it’s still an investment that you’re making, even if it does save money overall – and it’s important that you can trust and rely on the provider that you choose. Especially following the novel coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important now than ever to […]

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What Does it Mean When a Business is Diamond Certified?

When a business makes the decision to get Diamond Certified, it shows their commitment to demonstrating their expertise to their customers. Instead of making claims about their process or abilities, which can be risky for consumers to blindly trust, receiving outside accreditation, is an immediate way to communicate that their commitment is beyond just the […]

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We Went to Hazmat School. Learn More About Our Certifications

Cappstone Went To Hazmat School

Not every team is equipped for every job, and even more importantly, not every team is trained for every job. When it comes to big cleaning jobs, complicated cleaning jobs, or jobs requiring multiple skill sets and various tools and methodologies to handle it from start to finish, it’s important that the responders who arrive […]

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Our Compliance Management International Certification

Compliance Management International Certification

When it comes to serving our clients, we want to serve them well – no matter the challenge. The commercial cleaning service industry is an interesting one, when it comes to the barrier for entry, generally speaking, it isn’t much. Nearly anyone can advertise themselves as a professional cleaning service, and in the most basic […]

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We are Diamond Certified, Health Safety Qualified!

Health Safety Qualified

We pride ourselves in offering the best service to our customers. When we say the best service, we mean the whole package. We want the businesses we partner with to be lifelong partnerships, and we know that means rising to every job and every occasion, every time. That is what being Diamond Certified is about. […]

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Sanitizing Products to Avoid

Sanitizing Products to Avoid

When it comes time to clean the inside of your home, using safe sanitizing products is incredibly important to keeping you and your family in good health. With this, some may not know that most common household cleaning items can be harmful if they are not properly used and stored. But how do you know […]

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