Month: October 2021


3 Exterior Window Cleaning Tips for High Rise Buildings

Exterior Window Cleaning

In the adrenaline-filled world of high rise window maintenance, not all cleaning is the same. Sure, there exists an industry standard for cleaning high rise windows. In other words, there’s a basic guideline for safe and effective high rise window cleaning guide from which high rise window maintenance associates around the world draw from, both […]

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School Library Cleaning: Protocol to Properly Sanitize

School Library Cleaning

Gone are the days of school library cleaning protocols consisting mainly of wiping table tops, dusting books, vacuuming the floors, and taking the trash out. Those four particular tasks, amongst many other traditional cleaning responsibilities that school libraries have known forever, still exist within the new normal, but they’re far from enough. This shouldn’t be […]

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Protecting Your Business: How to Choose a Lock System

Protecting Your Business

There’s one thing that is undeniable about the industry that deals with commercial lock systems and the practices within it: technology has completely disrupted how we protect our commercial spaces and ensure our businesses can operate securely. However, while technology can adapt to various such needs and be customized to the degree necessary to protect […]

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Power Washing Tricks to Keeping Your Facility Exterior Looking New

Power Washing Tips & Tricks

There are many reasons to keep your facility clean both inside and out, including but certainly not limited to how cleanliness affects your business through your employees, your clients and/or customers, and the nature of operations that tie the two ends together. Power washing, you should know, has an important place in this matter. The […]

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Hiring the Right Facility Services Management Team

Hiring the Right Facility Services

When it comes to hiring the right facility services management team, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on any biases or stereotypes you may usually lean on in regards to the service at hand. This is because many people may not give the necessary amount of respect to professional facility service providers and […]

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