Car Dealership Janitorial Tips For Best Showroom Appearance

By Cappstone Inc. |
Car Dealership Janitorial

The automotive industry relies heavily on appearances and first impressions, and nowhere at a car dealership is more important than in the showroom. Especially in the wake of the pandemic, you can expect car shoppers to be extra-sensitive to the sanitary conditions of public places. The scope of your car dealership janitorial and condition of your showroom’s effect on potential customers goes beyond this, though.

With traditional janitorial tasks, disinfecting efforts, other maintenance needs, organization, and more, car dealership managers have a lot on their shoulders when it comes to cultivating an exceptional showroom. Even with a detailed schedule and checklist, your janitorial program may not be maximal. Here are some janitorial tips to give your showroom the best appearance:

Car Dealership Janitorial: Setting the Right Mindset is Important

An understated part of appearances in public places at the moment is the inclusion of personal hygiene resources for, in this case, potential car customers at dealerships. In light of COVID-19, society has collectively raised its sanitary expectations. We now not only use hand sanitizer dispensers, masks, gloves, and other PPE when provided, we expect it. 

Expecting such things to be available to us doesn’t necessarily put us in a good mood when these resources are present, but the absence of these resources may very well put us in a bad mood. Any sales professional will tell you that a bad mood is bad news for sales! Set the tone early by including personal hygiene resources around your showroom, and make it obvious.

Car Dealership Janitorial: Go Beyond What You Can See

If your showroom janitorial procedures effectively cover everything that is visible from the showroom floor, then make no mistake, your showroom will look brilliant. When it comes to janitorial efficacy, though, limiting your efforts and procedures to what’s visible falls short of the goal – despite car showrooms being all about appearances.

It’s those hard-to-see and hard-to-reach places that collect the most dust, dirt, and debris, and secretly spread their contaminants around, rendering your janitorial efforts ineffective. The last thing you want is a dust glob falling on a potential customer.

Car Dealership Janitorial: Attention to Detail

In terms of presentability, think of your showroom as one of your salespeople. Most car dealerships have very specific and strict policies and guidelines for their salespeople, giving the most attention to detail to appearance and conduct. For example, you may find a male car salesperson wearing a clean-pressed suit and dress shoes, and with neatly combed hair and shaven face. You may also expect them to have showered before work and smelling pleasant.

Likewise, an auto showroom should be formally manicured, neat, trimmed, clean and, if there is to be any sort of scent, smelling fresh. How would it look if a salesperson had on a suit but sneakers for shoes, and with disheveled hair? With the same principle, your entire showroom should be seen, cleaned, and curated from top to bottom. That means from the floor to the ceiling, and all of the walls in between!