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Carpets – When To Clean And When To Replace


Knowing the difference between if and when your carpet should be cleaned or needs to be replaced isn’t so cut-and-dry, especially if you’ve had your carpet for a few years and aren’t exactly sure the date you last had it professionally cleaned. The truth is that different types of carpet require different maintenance methods and […]

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How To Properly Clean Eco-Grip Flooring

Eco-grip flooring is a revolutionary type of commercial flooring that is known for its non-slip quality, durability, and resistance to bacteria and chemicals. It’s also known to be more flexible and anti-fatiguing, as well as noise-reducing, making it a more convenient surface for workers to operate on. Despite its cost, eco-grip flooring is becoming more […]

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Commercial Carpet Maintenance

Commercial Carpet Maintenance

You may not know this, but there are several different methods of commercial carpet maintenance. That’s probably because people usually wait until their carpets need to be cleaned, then simply hire a commercial carpet maintenance company and get the job done. How and why it’s done a certain way isn’t at the top of anyone’s […]

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Why Floor Care Is Important For Your Business

The maintenance and upkeep of your office or facility’s floors is, like almost all other aspects of your business operations, very important. The truth is, there are many more than just 4 reasons that floor care is important for your business – it would almost be an injustice to not expand on all of them. […]

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Wax, Strip, and Buff: Know the Difference


There are always different kinds of cleaning methods and equipment used for each distinguished flooring and material. Whether you are considering a professional cleaning session for your home or your professional space, you should know each cleaning method, how it works, and its pros and cons. Knowing the differences will save you from frustration and […]

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How Commercial Carpet Maintenance Saves Your Money

How Commercial Carpet Maintenance

Carpets found in traditional homes are different from ones you can find in a workplace. Home carpets are usually woven, shaggy, plushy, etc. They’re ideal for residential use because of they’re soft and comfortable. However, in working environments, the carpeting is more low-profile, using thicker material to withstand commercial use and heavy foot traffic. Why […]

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Tips to Remove Grease from a Commercial Kitchen

Tips to Remove Grease

Kitchen grease can make your commercial kitchen floor sticky and slippery. Slippery kitchen floors can make your employees slip and fall, leading to expensive insurance claims and a general safety hazard.  Additionally, greasy kitchen floors can look very dirty. At best, clients can make complaints and leave a bad review, but at worst, the food […]

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Strategies to Avoid Carpet Stains and Grime

Strategies to Avoid Carpet

No matter how wisely and carefully you manage things around your carpet, stains, and grime is bound to occur. Also, it becomes nearly impossible to avoid carpet stains and grime if you have pets or kids at home.  However, by working on these strategies, you can easily avoid carpet stains and grime to increase the […]

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Floor Restoration- Cleaning and Maintenance Methods

Floor Restoration

It is important for all buildings and facilities to maintain sturdy floors. Besides looking dirty, damaged, and unclean, floors are also less operational and inefficient. Not to mention, floor damage can cause serious safety hazards with the passage of time.  You may already know how visible holes, dents, and cracks in the flooring can cause […]

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Carpet Maintenance: 5 Most Effective Tips

Carpet Maintenance

Carpets are such a bittersweet flooring type. They can be soft, look brilliant and luxurious, and be a flooring choice that keeps your feet warm compared to other alternatives. Carpeting also succumbs to wear and tear, staining, and is relatively less durable than other types of flooring. Given its pros and cons, carpeting is still […]

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