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Cappstone Announces Partnership with Inspirotec Inc. AirAnswers® 

Cappstone Partnership with Inspirotec Inc., AirAnswers®

We are always looking to bring the best technology and tools for our clients and community to detect and fight against COVID-19 and other harmful germs and bacteria in order to keep themselves and businesses safe. We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Inspirotec Inc. in providing our clients with a greater understanding […]

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Religious Institution Cleaning: 5 Tips To Keep In Mind

Religious Institution Cleaning Procedures

Religious establishments should be kept clean for both practical and symbolic reasons. The latter being that a place of worship and faith shouldn’t be dirty, as messy-ness and contamination are counterculture to religion. On the practical side, religious institutions are a place of communal gathering and social interaction, usually in close proximity. Not only will […]

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