Month: December 2022


Why Floor Care Is Important For Your Business

The maintenance and upkeep of your office or facility’s floors is, like almost all other aspects of your business operations, very important. The truth is, there are many more than just 4 reasons that floor care is important for your business – it would almost be an injustice to not expand on all of them. […]

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Dirty Restrooms – How It Impacts Your Business

Dirty Restrooms

Out of sheer urgency, most of us have used a public bathroom at least once in our life. For every time you have, there’s at least a few times you haven’t, because you’ve walked into one that smells awful and looks disgusting. There’s a reason why some people never, ever use public bathrooms. Sure, public […]

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Hiring A Commercial Maintenance Company

Hiring A Commercial Maintenance

Every decision you make under the umbrella of running a business has its pros and cons. The maintenance of your facility, whether it’s an office, warehouse, another type of facility, or a combination of all of these, is no exception. Depending on the nature of your business and the maintenance needs of your business’s facilities, […]

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Your Event Cleaning Crew – 3 Reasons to Outsource

Your Event Cleaning Crew

A large event has many elements that must come together for it to run successfully and smoothly. For the same reason, anything that will help the event reduce its current running costs or efforts is worth paying attention to. One of those areas is the cleanup of the event. Outsourcing cleaning is one of the […]

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