Bird Abatement: How Your Business Benefits

By Cappstone Inc. |
Bird Abatement Services

You may think at first that to say that birds can hurt your business is a stretch, but humor us for a moment. Wherever your business operates and in whatever kind of facility, be it an office, a warehouse, or something else, the presence of birds is almost guaranteed. Even in the winter!

The reality is that birds, like everything else in any environment in which you do business, affect you and your employees. They also affect your facility even if you don’t or can’t see it. If you’re not aware of it and aren’t cautious, it may very well be a detriment to your business. On the flipside, here’s how your business can benefit from bird abatement services when included in your facility maintenance:

How Birds Are Bad For Business

Birds are, well, birds. They will fly or hobble and hop around public spaces and everywhere us humans inhabit, steering just clear enough to avoid us while doing whatever birds do. Within whatever it is birds do, the following can be bad for your business:

  • Noise can disrupt business operations and deter clients/customers
  • Unsightly droppings on the ground, windows, benches, cars, etc
  • Exposure to diseases which birds commonly carry
  • Damage to property
  • Threat to safety 

Why You Shouldn’t DIY

There are a few reasons why bird abatement isn’t something you should try to do yourself. First, you risk being exposed to any of the numerous diseases that birds carry, some of which are lethal. Second, because birds fly to and perch in high places, trying to address it yourself can be dangerous and having one of your employees try is a serious liability risk. A third reason is that you probably lack the knowledge and experience to get the job done in an ethical or humane way, and while birds may be harmful to your business, it’s no excuse for animal abuse.

The Benefit of Abatement Services

Professional bird abatement services are effective and ethical. It happens that most (if not all) bird abatement service providers need to have a federal depredation permit. This means that their service is regulated, ethical, and conducted in a manner that is beneficial to more than just your business, but for the benefit of local communities and ecosystems. You can feel extra good about hiring a bird abatement professional because the services they will provide help more than just you and your business. 

Why Your Business Benefits

When it comes to the purpose of the facility maintenance efforts that you have in place, bird abatement services support the outcome. Internally, maintaining a clean and organized workplace is good for employment satisfaction and productivity. Externally, the same reflects well on your business (good PR) and attracts customers or clients. Including bird abatement in your facility maintenance program will ensure that birds don’t contaminate your facility, disrupt your operations, or deter your customers or clients by tainting your business image.