VCT Flooring: 3 Upkeep Facts You Didn’t Know About

VCT Flooring

The “VCT” in VCT flooring stands for, “Vinyl Composite Tile.” There’s a fair chance that your commercial facility features VCT flooring and you may not know it, and that’s okay. Without knowing what it is, though, how can you be expected to know anything about VCT floor maintenance?  It’s definitely different from the upkeep that […]

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment: Common Mistakes Made When Cleaning Commercial Fryers

Deep Fryer Basket With Hot Oil

Not all commercial kitchen equipment cleaning is the same (obviously), but you wouldn’t think that cleaning a deep fryer is that complicated. Because it really isn’t. There are only a few steps. However, the reality is that people make a lot of mistakes when cleaning the deep fryers, which are a staple in every commercial […]

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Janitorial Services: The Importance Of Up To Date Insurance And Coverage For Your Janitorial Company

Hands Holding Pen and Insurance Papers

Having quality, up-to-date insurance coverage for your janitorial services company has always been an important part of being in business and finding growth and success. You may think first of insurance that covers whatever products or services that your business offers, but we would like to kindly turn your attention inward. Whether your business is […]

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Eco-Grip Flooring: 3 Tips For Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Floors

Industrial Kitchen with Pots and Eco Grip Flooring

The cleaning and maintenance of commercial kitchen floors (often eco-grip) is unlike that of the floors of most other commercial spaces, or any type of space, really. In most commercial kitchens, flooring is exposed to both high and low temperatures, grease, hot frying oils, food, beverages, water, chemicals, and many other contaminants. Combine all of […]

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Air Quality Standards: The Importance of Monitoring Air Quality Inside Your Facility

Blue Sky Fresh Air

Monitoring the air quality standards in your facility is important for many reasons, whether the facility in question is an office, warehouse, school, gym, medical facility, entertainment venue, or other. The obvious answer for now and the foreseeable future is to keep a close eye on the presence of harmful airborne viruses such as COVID-19.  […]

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Bathroom Cleaning: Don’t Forget to Clean These In Your Facilities’ Restrooms

Men's and Women's Restroom Sign

Among the list of rooms and areas in your place of business that need to be cleaned, bathroom cleaning is probably the least desirable. Bathrooms aren’t necessarily any more dirty and posing more significant health risks than other rooms and areas, but the stigma (and perhaps the occasional smell…sorry!) makes the public bathroom a place […]

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HOA and Apartment Common Area Janitorial Tips: Make Your Tenants Feel at Home

Clean common area lounge with stone floors

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how a lot of people view the world, and especially so how they view the place they call home and it’s immediate surroundings. In the case of condominium and apartment common area janitorial, this can get tricky, as such properties have tens or hundreds of units and residents, and within […]

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Restaurant & Bar Cleaning: Must-Do Items As Patrons Return to Indoor Dining

Clean restaurant bar with bottles and

One can assume that thinking about and possibly amending or enhancing restaurant & bar cleaning procedures is actually fun and exciting. Restaurants and bars are among the most missed public places to no one’s surprise. Community and social interactions over good food and drinks is such a critical outlet for people that even restaurant and […]

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Office Sanitization: Keeping Employees Safe and Healthy At Work

Clean well organized office

Office culture, or workplace culture, and company culture have and will continue to change drastically in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Why? Employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity is now very much tied to the health and safety of employees while they’re at your office. Separately, these things are very important and will play a […]

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