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Furniture Decommissioning – Facility Maintenance Services

Furniture Decommissioning

Wondering what furniture decommissioning is and whether or not it is suitable for your business and specific requirements? Read this piece to find out.  It is not uncommon to see people confuse the terms property maintenance and industrial maintenance with facility maintenance (FM). However, the three are quite different forms of practices in the US.  […]

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3 Types of Energy-Saving Light Bulbs for Your Facility

Switching to energy-saving light bulbs is one of the many ways you can make your business more sustainable. After all, business sustainability comes with numerous perks. This is why more and more business owners are starting to opt for sustainable ways and practices.  You can save thousands of dollars each year by replacing your usual […]

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3 Sustainable Facility Maintenance Practices

Sustainable Facility Maintenance

Wondering how you can bring a sustainable change to your business’ facility maintenance? Keep reading to find out.  As time progresses, various industries are opting for more sustainable ways of operation. And this growing attention towards going green is no longer a result of trends but rather a real concern. More than 90 percent of […]

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Bird Abatement: Why It’s Important for Your Facility

Bird Abatement

You don’t need to have seen Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds movie to understand that birds can have a potentially negative effect on society. It’s a horror film anyway, so that movie imagines birds at their worst, and is way past touching on the implications of birds and bird activity on your facility, and through your […]

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Space Planning: How Your Business Benefits

Space planning, also commonly called space management, has been a popular practice and topic of conversation for years, but has gotten a lot more attention recently. It could be due to how the pandemic has affected office-based companies and the workforce’s weekday routines. It could also be due to the idea that space is, for […]

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Why You Need a Facility Maintenance Service You Can Trust

Why You Need a Facility Maintenance Service

There are many factors that contribute the overall value of a facility maintenance service. These include customer satisfaction and customer service, the scope of services offered, the quality of the services they provide, the cost of services rendered, and more. One of the more specific and overlooked factors is the trustworthiness of a facility maintenance […]

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What to Look for in Commercial Handyman Services

Commercial Handyman Services

For the most part, everyone who is in the market for commercial handyman services knows the fundamental elements of what to look for in such types of professional service providers. By this, we mean that you should look for commercial handyman service providers that are competent, experienced, efficient, affordable, and demonstrate a high level of […]

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Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Guide

Guide to Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

There’s no getting around the fact that the past year and a half has been a difficult and hazardous time for everyone around the globe. This new world we live in continues to present new challenges and constant change, and that means constant stress. There are many silver linings, though, especially when it comes to […]

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Hiring the Right Facility Services Management Team

Hiring the Right Facility Services

When it comes to hiring the right facility services management team, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on any biases or stereotypes you may usually lean on in regards to the service at hand. This is because many people may not give the necessary amount of respect to professional facility service providers and […]

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3 Ways to Revamp Your Workspace

revamp your workspace

Since the beginning of the year, since our government approved the emergency development and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, life has slowly begun to return to normal. Some areas of life, such as the corporate world and the state of work and career for working Americans, have been publicized more than others. It should come […]

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