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Bathroom Cleaning: Don’t Forget to Clean These

Men's and Women's Restroom Sign

Among the list of rooms and areas in your place of business that need to be cleaned, bathroom cleaning is probably the least desirable. Bathrooms aren’t necessarily any more dirty and posing more significant health risks than other rooms and areas, but the stigma (and perhaps the occasional smell…sorry!) makes the public bathroom a place […]

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Office Cleaning: Include These 5 Procedures In Your Process

Office Cleaning Procedures

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted across the country in major metropolitan areas (thanks to the necessary stay-at-home protocols), and mass distribution of the vaccine right around the corner, it’s a good time to take a look at your office’s cleaning procedures. While some industries and categories of jobs may see a more permanent transition into […]

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Commercial Pressure Wash: Are You Seeing These Signs?

Commercial Pressure Wash

Any business owner or manager knows and will tell you that appearances matter, and it’s no different for a business’s commercial space or office exterior. From the outside, a dirty or stained appearance will not reflect well on you and your employees, and may affect your business. From the roof to the windows, the siding, […]

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School Cleaning: 4 Ways to Utilize School Breaks for Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Disinfecting Services For Schools

As schools around the nation integrate back into on-site education, it’s important to renovate more than just the academic curriculum. School cleaning staff will face heightened sanitary regulations and expectations, facing pressure from local governments, school faculty, and the parents of all current and future students. With less time and space on their hands, janitorial […]

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Financial Institution Cleaning: Take it to the Bank

Financial Institution and Bank Cleaning

Before 2020, the cleanliness of a bank was in many ways a metaphor. The institutional keeper of anyone’s financial health should maintain exemplary sanitary conditions, so as to present the same discipline to their clients’ physical health. With COVID-19 bringing a new level of awareness to public health concerns, we have seen a shift in […]

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Building Maintenance Tips for Spring & Summer

Building Maintenance and Janitorial

April showers bring May flowers, and spring means spring cleaning. This is an important time of year for homes and businesses, and really is more than just a cliché. The winter means harsh weather, contamination through rain and mud, and all around creates a dirtier environment that can find its way into your facility with […]

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Elevator Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Elevator Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Running a business comes with a lot of considerations, which can be both directly and indirectly related to the success of your mission. Although facility maintenance and upkeep may not be the most top of mind when it comes to overseeing your essential operations, it does play a significant role in the perception of prospective […]

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