Month: March 2021


Bathroom Cleaning: Don’t Forget to Clean These

Men's and Women's Restroom Sign

Among the list of rooms and areas in your place of business that need to be cleaned, bathroom cleaning is probably the least desirable. Bathrooms aren’t necessarily any more dirty and posing more significant health risks than other rooms and areas, but the stigma (and perhaps the occasional smell…sorry!) makes the public bathroom a place […]

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HOA and Apartment Common Area Janitorial Tips

Clean common area lounge with stone floors

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how a lot of people view the world, and especially so how they view the place they call home and it’s immediate surroundings. In the case of condominium and apartment common area janitorial, this can get tricky, as such properties have tens or hundreds of units and residents, and within […]

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Restaurant & Bar Cleaning: Must-Do Items As Patrons Return

Clean restaurant bar with bottles and

One can assume that thinking about and possibly amending or enhancing restaurant & bar cleaning procedures is actually fun and exciting. Restaurants and bars are among the most missed public places to no one’s surprise. Community and social interactions over good food and drinks is such a critical outlet for people that even restaurant and […]

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Office Sanitization: Keeping Employees Safe and Healthy At Work

Clean well organized office

Office culture, or workplace culture, and company culture have and will continue to change drastically in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Why? Employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity is now very much tied to the health and safety of employees while they’re at your office. Separately, these things are very important and will play a […]

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Classroom Cleaning: Address These High Touch Areas

Clean classroom and student taking notes in notebook

As classrooms open back up to students across the country, classroom cleaning policies and procedures are coming under some serious scrutiny. Whether students are back full-time or are taking hybrid classes, meaning they’re only physically in school part-time, faculty, parents, and students are concerned about the contamination of high-traffic surfaces and areas within classrooms. Even […]

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Facility Services Provider: Review These 5 Vital Questions

Shaking hands with facility service provider

We could never say that there are a list of five most important questions to ask your facility services provider, but there are generally at least five questions of greater importance to ask before moving forward in hiring one.  It all really depends on your facility. Is it a traditional office? Is it a warehouse? […]

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