Month: November 2020


School Cleaning: How To Prepare For Holiday Breaks

School Cleaning and Janitorial

All businesses need a cleaning schedule in place, even under the best of circumstances. When it comes to school cleaning in particular, this is even more important, as kids aren’t known for being the cleanest customers or colleagues. Considering the fact they spend nine months out of the year using the space daily, it’s important […]

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Breakroom Cleaning: 5 Common Mistakes

Proper Office Breakroom Cleaning

Communal areas are important for any positive work culture, as well as to make the workday smooth and pleasant for your employees. Break rooms give colleagues a chance to interact with one another personally, develop relationships that extend beyond plain professional needs and exchanges, or just have a comfortable place to prepare food and enjoy […]

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Commercial Kitchen Janitorial Tips You Never Thought About

Commercial Kitchen Janitorial

Maintaining a clean commercial kitchen is essential to running a healthy and thriving business, as kitchens can become home to a variety of dangerous contaminants if they aren’t given the proper attention. With that said, continuously cleaning and disinfecting will help prevent your employees and customers from falling ill. You may already have a cleaning […]

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Electrostatic Spraying – Why It’s A Great Add On To Routine Cleaning

Electrostatic Spraying

In most aspects of life, technology often creates progress – and progress creates more room to improve our efficiency and impact. When most people think of how technology benefits us in our everyday lives, it’s usually smartphones and other smart devices, our cars, or wide-scale scientific advances – such as the internet, or electric cars. […]

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Salon Cleaning Tips

Salon Cleaning and Janitorial

Salons provide essential services under many circumstances, and after the lockdown that happened earlier in 2020, we learned exactly how essential they really are. Now that we’re back to being up and operational, it’s important to ensure proper sanitation protocols are being followed so that we can stay open – and stay safe. Salons are […]

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