Month: September 2022


How Commercial Carpet Maintenance Saves Your Money

How Commercial Carpet Maintenance

Carpets found in traditional homes are different from ones you can find in a workplace. Home carpets are usually woven, shaggy, plushy, etc. They’re ideal for residential use because of they’re soft and comfortable. However, in working environments, the carpeting is more low-profile, using thicker material to withstand commercial use and heavy foot traffic. Why […]

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How to Keep Your Facility Sanitized and Sustainable?

How to Keep Your Facility Sanitized

Come fall and winter, the demand for a sanitized and sustainable facility increases, as the season brings lower temperatures and certain illnesses. Therefore, cleaning professionals and managers go through cleaning methods and procedures and start making immediate measures to clean and sanitize all the things present.  The global pandemic has changed our way of life […]

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Benefits of Office Redesign – Space Planning

Benefits of Office Redesign

When you think about redesigning your office, the expenses and the hassle are the first things that can intimidate you. And while it isn’t cheap by any means, it can be a very financially sensible option. Some companies are expert at managing and providing excellent office redesign services. Why is Office Redesigning Important? It’s always […]

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Tips to Remove Grease from a Commercial Kitchen

Tips to Remove Grease

Kitchen grease can make your commercial kitchen floor sticky and slippery. Slippery kitchen floors can make your employees slip and fall, leading to expensive insurance claims and a general safety hazard.  Additionally, greasy kitchen floors can look very dirty. At best, clients can make complaints and leave a bad review, but at worst, the food […]

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