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Outdoor Dining Cleaning: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

outdoor dining cleaning

Outdoor dining is a great way to dine. Some may even say that it’s a superior way to dine, and those people probably eat all of their meals outside. Aside from the enhanced nature of the experience, eating outdoors is an excellent way to consume food. Let’s not forget that our early human ancestors pretty […]

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What Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Cleaning Entails

Kitchen Hood Stove Top Burners

If you’re wondering about commercial kitchen hood and exhaust maintenance, then it’s probably a guarantee that you own and operate a restaurant or business that requires you to have and use an industrial hood and exhaust. This means that you’re likely already pretty bogged down by commercial kitchen operations, which are stressful as it is. […]

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment: Common Cleaning Mistakes

Deep Fryer Basket With Hot Oil

Not all commercial kitchen equipment cleaning is the same (obviously), but you wouldn’t think that cleaning a deep fryer is that complicated. Because it really isn’t. There are only a few steps. However, the reality is that people make a lot of mistakes when cleaning the deep fryers, which are a staple in every commercial […]

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Eco-Grip Flooring: 3 Tips For Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Floors

Industrial Kitchen with Pots and Eco Grip Flooring

The cleaning and maintenance of commercial kitchen floors (often eco-grip) is unlike that of the floors of most other commercial spaces, or any type of space, really. In most commercial kitchens, flooring is exposed to both high and low temperatures, grease, hot frying oils, food, beverages, water, chemicals, and many other contaminants. Combine all of […]

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Restaurant & Bar Cleaning: Must-Do Items As Patrons Return

Clean restaurant bar with bottles and

One can assume that thinking about and possibly amending or enhancing restaurant & bar cleaning procedures is actually fun and exciting. Restaurants and bars are among the most missed public places to no one’s surprise. Community and social interactions over good food and drinks is such a critical outlet for people that even restaurant and […]

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Commercial Kitchen Floor Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Floor

Cleaning a commercial kitchen floor is almost nothing like cleaning the kitchen floor in your home. There are parallels, but unless you’re Gordon Ramsey, the two will look much different. The reasons for this are somewhat obvious – commercial kitchen floors have industrial mats, non slip installments, and are often wet, greasy, and littered with […]

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Parklet Cleaning: 3 Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Dining in Tip Top Shape

Parklet Cleaning For Outdoor Dining

Before 2020, parklets were an emerging method of seating for outdoor dining all around the country. Of course, this year, parklets took on a whole new level of importance. With indoor dining either completely forbidden, or allowed at limited capacities to comply with social distancing policies, parklets (and parklet cleaning) became a lifeline for countless […]

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Commercial Kitchen Janitorial Tips You Never Thought About

Commercial Kitchen Janitorial

Maintaining a clean commercial kitchen is essential to running a healthy and thriving business, as kitchens can become home to a variety of dangerous contaminants if they aren’t given the proper attention. With that said, continuously cleaning and disinfecting will help prevent your employees and customers from falling ill. You may already have a cleaning […]

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Restaurant Cleaning: Top Tips

Restaurant Cleaning and Janitorial

Cleanliness, hand washing, and sanitation has always been top priority for restaurants. If your restaurant cleaning isn’t up to snuff, you’re looking at run-ins with the health inspector, a bad reputation with customers, and the possibility of creating food-borne illnesses. All of this holds more true than ever as we navigate the global COVID-19 pandemic, […]

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