Air Monitoring: Returning to the New Normal With AirAnswers

By Cappstone Inc. |
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The “new normal” is a phrase that has entered the sphere of day-to-day buzzwords that people use to refer to life after COVID-19. While some may roll their eyes, most people say “new normal” out of genuine concern for what life will look like in the coming months and years, versus what it used to be like before early 2020.

It’s better to air on the side of caution, pun intended. If we’ve learned anything from this past year and a half, it’s that we should pay attention to the quality of our air. Air, at best, can be clean and refreshing, providing us with the oxygen we need to carry on level-headed. At worst, it can be a messenger for invisible airborne viruses, such as COVID-19. Here’s what you need to know about about air monitoring when it comes to returning to the new normal:

Air Monitoring: All About Your Staff

Going back to the “new normal” is all about your employees. While the switch to remote work has helped companies accommodate for COVID-19 restrictions, many people have reported lower productivity and loneliness. Returning to the “new normal” offers some hope, but many of those same people worry about the risks tied to their return.

Addressing the concerns of getting back to the “new normal” means you need to accommodate their mental health as much as their physical health. Perceived risks or threats to one’s health will affect employees’ moods and behaviors, thus affecting their performance. This means that you should target both visible and invisible concerns, and by “invisible”, we mean the air quality.

Air Monitoring: You Can’t Fight What You Can’t See

Whatever you had in place before the pandemic, regarding workplace sanitation and the likes, probably doesn’t include much on air quality. Most workplaces come with carbon monoxide monitors, but the “new normal” concerns much more than invisible threats to employee health and safety like carbon monoxide poisoning.

We’ve learned that COVID-19 and other dangerous viruses can attach themselves to dust and other practically-invisible particles, and easily travel through the air. This makes monitoring air quality a critical facet of returning to the “new normal”. You can’t fight or prevent what you can’t see, so it’s a good idea to invest in an air quality monitoring device. May we suggest AirAnswers?

Air Monitoring: Proactive Measures

Air quality monitors, such as those offered by AirAnswers, operate silently by processing up to 150 liters of air per minute, and can detect particles of viruses such as COVID-19, bacteria, and allergens as small as 0.1 microns. 

With proper ventilation and filtration, regular cleaning and disinfecting of your workplace, and an air monitoring and purification system, you’ll have in place the preventative measures necessary to detect and address any potentially harmful, invisible airborne pathogens. This will not only protect, but bolster your employees’ mental and physical health, which is only good for your business.

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