The Impact That Office Redesign & Refresh Can Have On Employees

By Cappstone Inc. |
Office Redesign

No matter the type of workspace your company has, one thing that is pretty universal across different businesses and even across different industries is that your office has an effect on your employees. Whether or not that effect is positive or negative, or the overall balance of the positive and negative effects combined, is up to you. 

One thing can be assumed: the longer it has been since you’ve hit the refresh button on your workplace, or the longer it’s been since your last office redesign, the more likely it is that the positive effects have plateaued. Longer than that, and it’s safe to assume that negative effects may outweigh the positives, and that’s not good for your business. From upgrading your office tech to redesigning your office’s layout, theme, furniture and feel, here’s the impact that an office refresh and redesign can have on your employees:

“Employee-Centered” Design & Improved Productivity

The primary impact that office redesign can have on employees centers on how they feel. If the design makes them feel good, meaning they have high morale and are motivated, then they will be more productive and effective. 

Your office’s design needs to support this concept. From function to layout, lighting to thematic colors, and all of the other decisions involved in office design, the best thing you can do is invest in the professional services of office design experts, such as our partners at Gazor Group

Secondary Benefits of the Impact

The focus of your investment in office redesign is (and should be) on your employees. Through your employees, the design of your office impacts the performance of your business. Happy and healthy employees means good business, and good business means more business.

The impact of office design also extends to your future employees. Refreshing your office design may mean your business is growing, and a growing business is hiring. A well-designed office enhances your company’s perception and actually helps attract talent!

The “Fresh” in Refresh

Especially since the pandemic brought attention and a concerning level of paranoia to air quality, installing air filtration systems in your office will impact your employees by creating an environment in which they feel healthy and safe. 

Even the perception of increased air quality can have a positive impact. A Forbes article reports that, according to the World Green Building Council’s research, improved air quality can increase work productivity by 11%.

Upgrading Your Tech

Just as we felt growing up when our parents got us that new TV, gaming system, or (depending on your age) new trendy phone, upgrading your office tech will instantly spur excitement amongst your employees. The real impact starts beyond that, of course.

New technology will help your employees perform their work in a more efficient manner, even enabling them to perform tasks that may have been previously impossible. Newer office tech is also less bulky, making for less cluttered workspaces, which means less stress and better organization!