Paper Products: Top 3 Things to Consider With Supply Order Shortages

Paper Products

Paper products and resources that are all-things timber have been at the forefront of the global supply chain shortage. The shortage, which was most recently exemplified by the international media’s coverage of the record 100+ cargo ships waiting anchored outside of the port of Los Angeles, unable to come to shore and deliver their cargo. […]

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Nightclub Cleaning Checklist

Nightclub Cleaning

Nightclubs are the final boss of the service industry cleaning and maintenance video game. The cleaning and maintenance supplies that you need, the staff, procedures, schedules, and routines that you need to clean a nightclub aren’t much different than that of other, less aggressive venues in the service industry, like restaurants, bars, and hybrids of […]

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Clean & Maintain Large Light Fixtures

Clean & Maintain Large Light

Clean & maintain large light fixtures is a bit more of a niche topic in the world of facility maintenance services. Not all facilities contain large light fixtures, but it’s reasonable to assume that the larger the commercial facility, the more likely it is that you’ll find one or more large light fixtures within. There […]

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Hiring Day Porter Services – Key Factors to Consider

Hiring Day Porter Services

For those who don’t know, a day hiring porter service is a business that provides “porters” or staff that are responsible for ensuring your facility is clean and presentable to anyone and everyone that works, lives in, or visits your facility during business hours. They’re a little different than common janitorial services and facility maintenance […]

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Easy Ways to Incorporate Green Products in Your Office Space

Ways to Incorporate Green Products

Sustainability is the key word when discussing how to incorporate green products in your office space. It’s been a buzzword for the better part of the 21st century so far, which should come as no surprise as the evolution of media (especially social networking) and mobile technologies has enabled the creation of a global forum […]

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Airport Cleaning: 5 High Traffic Touchpoints

Reality of Public Airports

Name a place where more people pass in and out than a public airport – we’ll wait. The reality of public airports, especially those located in or near major metropolitan areas, is that hundreds of thousands of travelers pass through every day. This pretty much guarantees that almost every surface is a high touchpoint surface […]

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Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

As far as workplaces go, warehouses aren’t like traditional offices, retail spaces, factories, or outdoor workplaces. While the latter two types of workplaces are unique in their own right, when thinking of “workplace”, most people imagine an office or a store, and warehouses couldn’t be more different in almost every way. One of those ways […]

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How to Properly Eco-Recycle Your Lightbulbs

Properly Eco-Recycle

If you’re already a responsible human being and recycle, or if your business values environmentally friendly operation – or both – then you’re in a favorable position and we commend you. There are things that are a part of everyday life that should be recycled, but don’t exactly fall into the process of traditional recycling, […]

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What to Look for in Commercial Handyman Services

Commercial Handyman Services

For the most part, everyone who is in the market for commercial handyman services knows the fundamental elements of what to look for in such types of professional service providers. By this, we mean that you should look for commercial handyman service providers that are competent, experienced, efficient, affordable, and demonstrate a high level of […]

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Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Guide

Guide to Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

There’s no getting around the fact that the past year and a half has been a difficult and hazardous time for everyone around the globe. This new world we live in continues to present new challenges and constant change, and that means constant stress. There are many silver linings, though, especially when it comes to […]

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