Your HOA – 5 Benefits of Hiring a Day Porter

Your HOA

Any well-kept, maintained, and clean location speaks a lot about management and ownership. Keeping a place well-maintained is another way of telling the clients and visitors that their safety and comfort are the management’s priority. It provides a positive gesture about your business. Being overloaded with things to manage decreases your productivity. After all, one […]

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Electrostatic Spray Technology – 5 Features

The electrostatic spray is a disinfecting device that covers all surfaces and touchpoints to eliminate all bacteria and viruses. The electrostatic spray technology functions as a sanitizer and prophylactic for hazardous viruses and germs in a confined space where ventilation is already less, resulting in germ and bacteria buildup. The disinfecting and sanitizing process is […]

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Air Quality – The Importance Monitoring

Air quality

Breathing clean and fresh air is important for properly working lungs and a healthy body. While we can’t fully control the air quality outdoors, at a major level, we can control and maintain the air quality that we breathe indoors. Monitoring air quality within premises is crucial with a lack of ventilation and fresh air […]

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Sanitation Tips for the Hospitality Industry – Top 5

Sanitation Tips

Whether you visit a restaurant, a hotel, or an amusement park, there are certainly lots of threats and dangers that lurk around you and your family. Whether you are a regular visitor of such places or an owner of one, being aware of the sanitation tips is equally important for all to keep yourself, your […]

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Benefits of a One-Time Deep Cleaning

Benefits of a One-Time Deep Cleaning

Cleaning is a common practice in every household or office. However, deep cleaning is often neglected and not paid much attention to. So, many tiny bacterial elements and germs can lurk around or even enter other elements if a deep cleaning is not performed every once in a while.  While deep cleaning is sure to […]

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Wax, Strip, and Buff: Know the Difference


There are always different kinds of cleaning methods and equipment used for each distinguished flooring and material. Whether you are considering a professional cleaning session for your home or your professional space, you should know each cleaning method, how it works, and its pros and cons. Knowing the differences will save you from frustration and […]

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Why Pest Proofing is Important for Your Business

Why Pest Proofing is Important

First impressions do not leave room for second chances, and building a solid reputation is critical for all businesses. Regardless of your industry or niche, pests can harm your business image. Continue reading this piece to learn why your business needs pest proofing. From keeping up with the latest market trends to managing the staff […]

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Restaurant Space Planning – 3 Things to Consider

Restaurant Space Planning

Not many business owners realize this, but a restaurant’s layout and floor plan directly impact the profit margins. After all, well thought-out restaurant space can greatly enhance your customer experience, while boosting its ambiance and increasing operational efficiency. Not to mention, a well-designed restaurant space layout can also protect your business from building code violations. […]

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Manage Construction Waste and Reduce Disposal Cost

Manage Construction Waste

Every year, tons of waste is produced by the construction industry. Solid waste of around 251 million tons is produced in the US annually. Waste production is normal in every type of industry, whether it is construction or any other. Still, if recycling or disposal is effective, it won’t create any problems. But less than […]

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Facility Management Outsourcing – 4 Main Benefits

Facility Management

Facility managers are key tasking persons who oversee internal and external maintenance scores. For any successful business, facility management is very important, no matter its size.  Facility managers make sure smooth business operations, a safe and sound workplace, and customer satisfaction. But it is impossible for all businesses to dedicate an entire department to it. […]

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