Our Compliance Management International Certification

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Compliance Management International Certification

When it comes to serving our clients, we want to serve them well – no matter the challenge. The commercial cleaning service industry is an interesting one, when it comes to the barrier for entry, generally speaking, it isn’t much. Nearly anyone can advertise themselves as a professional cleaning service, and in the most basic sense, they are. That said, the gap quickly widens when you look at which companies implement which practices, and how they inform their cleaning strategies and pursue additional training and education in the areas it matters most – like our Compliance Management International Certification.

Cleaning may not seem like a technical profession – for something like that, it may be more common for a doctor or lawyer to come to mind, everyone knows they require advanced education. However, when you take a moment to consider what commercial cleaning entails – really entails – it becomes pretty technical pretty quickly. The right team needs to be versed on a wide variety of methodologies, as well as knowing how to respond to different types of messes, and what tools to use to do it properly, and most importantly, how to keep themselves and everyone safe in the process.

Our team is proud to say we pursue third-party training on a consistent basis to remain certified in a broad spectrum of cleaning practices – from biohazardous waste, to medical facilities – we don’t just say we do it and ask you to take our word for it, we get the training and the accreditation to prove we’re up to the job, no matter what it is. This guiding principle has led us to receive a number of independent accolades, including our Compliance Management International Certification.

Environmental Health and Safety cleaning is a subset of specialized knowledge that we wanted to be sure we knew to the letter. This organization offers companies like ours the opportunity to deep-dive into a variety of cleaning practices, to ensure we always have the right training to support the proper response. Their diverse range of programs offer the most updated information and rigorous coursework to ensure their clients – us – know everything needed to comprehensively, accurately, and safely serve our clients – you.

Examples of Compliance Management International’s specialized educational opportunities include:

Safety and Health Training Environmental Training Program Management
Bloodborne pathogens

Confined space

Electrical safety

Hazardous waste (RCRA)

Stormwater management

HazMat transportation (DOT)

Self-inspection training

Safety committee optimization

Surviving an OSHA inspection

And many more specialized courses specifically designed to help us be better, and help us help your business better.

Our commitment is to our clients, and to serving you for every job, every time. We want you to be able to hire with confidence, and know that no matter what needs you may have, you’re hiring a team of trained, professional experts to respond so you can focus on running your business.

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