What Does it Mean When a Business is Diamond Certified?

By Cappstone Inc. |

When a business makes the decision to get Diamond Certified, it shows their commitment to demonstrating their expertise to their customers. Instead of making claims about their process or abilities, which can be risky for consumers to blindly trust, receiving outside accreditation, is an immediate way to communicate that their commitment is beyond just the bare minimum – and depending on the certification, it could be incredibly rigorous, lending even more credibility to their desire to learn, grow, and serve you as effectively as possible. This is the case with a Diamond Certification, and this is what it means when a business invests in themselves to become Diamond Certified.

A Diamond Certification serves as evidence that the company who received it demonstrates a consistent, unwavering, ongoing commitment to providing only the best service. In order to receive a Diamond Certification, companies are ranked according to two primary criteria – being the ‘highest in quality’, as well as ‘helpful expertise’. These classifications are objectively measured through expertly developed surveys which are designed to generate the most accurate information on their performance, and only those who rank more than 90 out of 100 are eligible to receive the certification.

When it comes to being Diamond Certified, there’s no room for mediocrity. Because a company must rank above the ninetieth percentile in both subsections for measuring industry performance, prospective consumers know they are working with only the best of the best. Plus, a Diamond Certification isn’t a ‘set it and forget it’ accreditation. Ongoing research, surveying, and ratings are collected moving forward upon receipt of the original certification, and it can and will be revoked should standards fall beyond a point they would be able to earn it in the first place. A Diamond Certification can’t get stale or become outdated, because the awarding body protects the integrity of the certification by ensuring all who hold it are constantly meeting their quality standards.

There are so many ways companies can get recognized in so many niche categories. From their customer service, to their industry knowledge, to highly specialized techniques and protocols, and much more. The commitment to pursuing and earning any certification is already highly demonstrative of that business’s priorities and culture, and that definitely has merit. However, the quality of the certification matters as well, which can always be researched by visiting the website of the awarding body to review their process, standards, and what the certification does or does not say about a company’s business practices.

A Diamond Certification is an elite accolade, and means consumers can hire with confidence, and know their business and interests are being protected when they choose to partner with an organization who has it. So many industries are over-saturated, and so many businesses are overrated. Third-party verification is one great way to sort the best from the rest, and a Diamond Certification is an easy way to help you do that, so you can make the right hire for your needs and keep your focus on your expertise, and leave the rest to businesses you trust.

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