We Went to Hazmat School. Learn More About Our Certifications

By Cappstone Inc. |
Cappstone Went To Hazmat School

Not every team is equipped for every job, and even more importantly, not every team is trained for every job. When it comes to big cleaning jobs, complicated cleaning jobs, or jobs requiring multiple skill sets and various tools and methodologies to handle it from start to finish, it’s important that the responders who arrive on scene understand what is needed, and how to do it safely. One of the most challenging clean-up jobs in the commercial cleaning industry is hazardous waste – it requires not just special equipment, but additional training that exceeds what many companies have or require, and, as a result, exceeds what they are capable of delivering – particularly if they’re used to focusing on ‘every day’ services. Our team is dedicated to serving you – no matter what the call of duty may require – so we went to Hazmat School to learn from the best, and become certified so you can hire with confidence for every job, every time.

Responding to hazardous material can be an intimidating process – it’s important to keep everyone safe through the entirety of the job, as well as after. If the job isn’t done thoroughly and done right, there can be residual material that can pose a serious risk to anyone who might become exposed because they thought it was clean. Or, untrained cleaners can mishandle hazardous materials, putting themselves and others in jeopardy during the process – or even make the situation worse. The safety of our team, and yours, is our first priority, so we never compromise on the education and resources we prepare with to ensure full preparedness for any job of any size or kind. That’s why we went to Hazmat School.

When it comes to cleaning services, larger commercial facilities in particular, it’s easy for many professional janitorial companies to say they can tackle the job, but too often it’s discovered too late that it isn’t the case. In the event hazardous material is involved, this can pose a serious threat. For that reason, it’s a standard practice for our team to receive formal education and certifications in jobs of all types – hazardous material included. These programs are developed and hosted by independent organizations that administer the material and the training methodically and comprehensively, and then provide accreditation to verify the successful completion of the course.

We don’t ask our clients to take our word for anything, particularly not when health is involved, and mistakes could be dangerous. We’re dedicated to demonstrating our expert knowledge and advanced education through accreditations you can rely on. We train, prepare, and receive the certifications needed for all jobs, so our customers know for a fact they are hiring a team that is ready, willing, and completely able to address the scene comprehensively when they arrive on site.

We understand that running a facility can be stressful work on the best of days, and hazardous material poses a threat to operations that needs to be addressed quickly and comprehensively. We’re proud to provide you with a team of expertly trained professionals who can handle whatever your needs may be, so you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business, and providing a safe environment for all who enjoy it.

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