We are Diamond Certified, Health Safety Qualified!

By Cappstone Inc. |
Health Safety Qualified

We pride ourselves in offering the best service to our customers. When we say the best service, we mean the whole package. We want the businesses we partner with to be lifelong partnerships, and we know that means rising to every job and every occasion, every time. That is what being Diamond Certified is about. In order to do this, our commitment to improving our business isn’t one-track focus – it’s the entire process in all its parts, from the very first phone call to the day we arrive on-site. We want to study all the right methodologies and practices, we want to know the technical nature of every type of mess and how to address it best, we want to have the right tools and the right resources for the job, we want to know our crew knows how to use them, we want to know that our team and your team is safe throughout the entire process, and we want to be sure that our customer service is top notch while we get it all done.

For that reason, we take pride in our constant pursuit of third-party recognition so that our clients never have to take our word for it when we promote our business practices. We don’t just say we’re qualified to handle hazardous waste, we undergo rigorous training so we can receive accreditation that lets our clients know we really are up to the job. And we don’t just say our customer service and commitment to our clients is the best, we became Diamond Certified so our current and prospective clients know exactly how high we hold our standards.

Our Diamond Certification means that we’ve been ranked according to two primary criteria – being the ‘highest in quality’, as well as ‘helpful expertise’. These classifications are objectively measured through expertly developed surveys which are designed to generate the most accurate information on their performance, and only those who rank more than 90 out of 100 are eligible to receive the certification. We’re proud to say in more than 200 surveys of short- and long-term customers, we’ve ranked above these metrics in order to earn our Diamond Certification and hold it – for more than a decade.

A Diamond Certification isn’t something that can be earned and forgotten about, it’s a promise to our customers because it’s constantly tested – any company that falls below their highly demanding criteria loses their accreditation, meaning that when you see the Diamond Certification, you know the message its communicating is always current, and means just as much after ten years as it does on the first day. We want our clients and prospective clients to know how committed we are to serving them, and serving them right.

We know that there’s no shortage of competition, which is why we’re committed to distinguishing ourselves through consistent work and authentic dedication. We’re proud to be Diamond Certified because we’re proud to serve our customers each and every day. In doing so, we know we afford them the luxury of forgetting about their business’s cleaning needs because we’ll always see the job done quickly and thoroughly, so they can focus on what matters.

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