Protecting Your Business: How to Choose a Lock System

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Protecting Your Business

There’s one thing that is undeniable about the industry that deals with commercial lock systems and the practices within it: technology has completely disrupted how we protect our commercial spaces and ensure our businesses can operate securely. However, while technology can adapt to various such needs and be customized to the degree necessary to protect your business, there are certain factors and considerations that will never go without some part of old-school lock systems.

Before we start to sound too confusing, let’s take a step back and simplify what we’re getting at. Perhaps a question will help illuminate the topic. What is the nature of your business? Everything about protecting your business by choosing a lock system that’s right for you has to do with the full scope of protecting your business, its operations, and just about every variable that makes your business unique. For example, a local bank’s lock system is drastically different from that of an ice cream shop. That said, here’s what you should know about how to choose a lock system that effectively protects your business:

Higher Value Goods & Information = Extra Layers of Security

An obvious but seldom exercised practice in choosing lock systems is that if your business’s facility contains or stores items of high monetary value, then you should opt for a system that has multiple layers of security, or locks. What we mean: a locked gate followed by keypad entry, followed by traditional key locks or something like that.

Acronyms & The Guidelines You Need to Follow

The two leading bodies in the lock system industry are the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and the BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association). Between the two, basically all lock systems and hardware are tested for durability, strength, and performance, and are given certifications and designated Grades (1, 2, 3). This link has a useful guide on commercial lock systems, including a bit about those acronyms, and the anatomy of the most common lock types. The article makes lock system research and shopping simple!

And Finally, Common Sense

It should go without saying that, when choosing a lock system, you need to take into consideration where the business you seek to protect is located, and where it operates. Choosing an industrial lock system with heightened security and elite technology for your business based on local crime rates doesn’t make sense if your business consists of services that are provided remotely from a small office in a high rise. With not much in the way of valuable items and/or currency and no costly inventory, your business is just as protected by a simple, traditional lock system. In other words, a door with a lockable handle should do fine, and you can throw in a deadbolt for good measure.

The Latest Tech

The lock system market is saturated with the latest tech. Check out this article in PCMag that dives into the best smart locks!

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