Power Washing Tricks to Keeping Your Facility Exterior Looking New

By Cappstone Inc. |
Power Washing Tips & Tricks

There are many reasons to keep your facility clean both inside and out, including but certainly not limited to how cleanliness affects your business through your employees, your clients and/or customers, and the nature of operations that tie the two ends together. Power washing, you should know, has an important place in this matter.

The reasons you should power wash your facility, as well as the immediate effects of power washing itself, are multi-purpose. Maintaining a clean facility – or one that is free of debris, contaminants, and other pollutants – has important implications on health. Maintaining a clean facility also has important implications on mental health – that is, how keeping a high standard of hygiene makes internal staff and external stakeholders feel. Finally, cleanliness is closely tied to impressions of your business. All things considered, here are some power washing tips & tricks you need to know to keep your facility exterior looking brand new:


As we touched on in the introduction, there are many benefits to power washing your facility. First, it helps maintain the longevity of your facility’s structure. Second, routine power washing helps maintain a clean and hygienic exterior, as well as a cleaner interior (because people tend to drag exterior pollutants inside). Third, any staff or employees that work in or visit your facility will benefit physically from the absence of germs, bacteria, airborne viruses, and other dangers to their well-being. Finally, a facility that appears clean not only increases productivity and morale, but leaves a good lasting impression on your community and your customers and/or clients.


There’s a pretty adaptable standard to the frequency of power washing facilities of all kinds. Based on where your facility is located, it’s recommended that you budget and schedule for seasonal power washing. Other than that, routine power washing maintenance is recommended at least bi-annually. Beyond this, smaller, perhaps DIY in-house power washing maintenance is recommended to address specific power washing needs for your facility’s exterior when and where it’s needed.

Why…In Case Of “Emergency”

Even if you do exceptionally well in keeping your facility’s exterior clean and looking great, there are certain instances – call them emergencies or even natural disasters – that will make the need to power wash your facility immediately. For example, after particularly strong, nasty storms, extreme weather, tornados or other natural disasters, facilities of every size and purpose require all sorts of inspections and maintenance work.

After such events, build ups of plants, leaves, dirt, grime, other debris and contaminants commonly occur. If these build ups aren’t immediately addressed, not only will your facility suffer from obvious negative effects, but you risk exposing your facility to cosmetic and functional damage. Having a professional washing service provider on call after emergencies is a good idea.

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