Restaurant & Bar Cleaning: Must-Do Items As Patrons Return

By Cappstone Inc. |
Clean restaurant bar with bottles and

One can assume that thinking about and possibly amending or enhancing restaurant & bar cleaning procedures is actually fun and exciting. Restaurants and bars are among the most missed public places to no one’s surprise. Community and social interactions over good food and drinks is such a critical outlet for people that even restaurant and bar owners don’t mind talking about the cleaning responsibilities that stand in the way.

There is little that is left to the imagination in terms of restaurant and bar sanitization, thanks to local and state governments and their mandates and policies. A restaurant or bar owner’s failure to comply with COVID-19 regulations can and has resulted, for many bars and restaurants around the country, in expensive violations and steep fines. Here’s how to avoid those and make your restaurant or bar a clean and safe place for drinks and dining as patrons return indoors:

Bar Cleaning Checklist

Use this bar cleaning checklist as a list of tips for preparing for indoor patrons to return:

  • First, follow everything in your local health code.
  • Empty the ice machine every night and rinse it with hot water.
  • Wipe out bins, wells, sinks, and tubs before opening and after closing.
  • Remove bottles, drinks, mixers, garnishes, tools and other items off of the bar, counters, and shelves, and wipe and disinfect after closing.
  • Switch from caddies to individually packaged napkin, straw, and condiment packs.
  • Do your best to urge patrons to pay by card versus cash, as cash can easily hold and spread germs and bacteria.
  • Sweep and wet mop under all coolers, refrigerators, ice machines, storage units, tables, stools, and all other moveable items or pieces of furniture on the floor, preferably after closing.

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

There is a lot of intersection between bar and restaurant cleaning checklists. Some bars have kitchens and offer a limited menu, and a lot of restaurants have a bar though it may not be the main attraction. That said, here are some restaurant-specific cleaning tips:

  • Clean and disinfect each table and chair after a patron or group is finished and leaves.
  • Clean and disinfect all counters, sneeze guards, cooking surfaces, food prep surfaces, carts, and serving utensils multiple times daily.
  • Wash and disinfect all cooking equipment – try not to reuse anything!
  • Sweep or vacuum before opening, in between lunch and dinner, and after closing.
  • Wet mop and disinfect all non-carpet and non-linen floors before opening, in between lunch and dinner, and after closing.

What to Remember for Both

Of course, there is plenty more to remember and include in your restaurant or bar cleaning procedures in order to ensure that patrons returning to indoor dining and drinks remain safe and healthy – only so much we can squeeze into a blog! To read more on your state’s Retail & Food Service Codes, you can find it on the FDA’s website.

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