Bathroom Cleaning: Don’t Forget to Clean These

By Cappstone Inc. |
Men's and Women's Restroom Sign

Among the list of rooms and areas in your place of business that need to be cleaned, bathroom cleaning is probably the least desirable. Bathrooms aren’t necessarily any more dirty and posing more significant health risks than other rooms and areas, but the stigma (and perhaps the occasional smell…sorry!) makes the public bathroom a place not many people are interested in cleaning unless they’re paid to, and even then.

As bathrooms become important again in places of business, with non-essential workers finding themselves back in offices and the many different other places of business we see around the country, it’s important to brush up on bathroom cleaning procedures. Especially since COVID-19 is very much still a health hazard. Here are some tips to help you remember what to clean in your bathrooms:

Bathroom Cleaning: Check & Refill Sanitary Essentials…and Clean Them!

Checking your restroom’s sanitary essentials and refilling them is a three-part tip. First, if you check your restroom and find that the sanitary essentials are running low, then this is an obvious sign that your restroom hasn’t been checked, and appropriately cleaned and disinfected in a while, so it should serve as a reminder. Second, refilling the sanitary essentials will provide restroom visitors the supplies they need to maintain their own hygiene and minimally contaminate the restroom. Third, after checking and refilling the sanitary essentials, you can conveniently clean and disinfect the toilet paper and paper towel dispensers, soap and hand sanitizer dispensers, and other relevant surfaces.

Bathroom Cleaning: Fixtures & Walls

Your restroom’s walls, stall partitions, door knobs, door handles, coat hooks, paper towel dispensers, and all other fixtures need to be cleaned and disinfected at least at the start and end of every day, but ideally more.

Further, make sure to include hourly restroom checks in the cleaning schedule so you or one of your employees can locate and spot-clean as needed. It’s important that contaminants aren’t left to dry, stain, and/or spread around the restroom.

Bathroom Cleaning: Baby Change Tables!

If you don’t have a baby and have never had to change one in a restroom on a baby changing table, then there is a very good chance that you won’t notice or remember to clean and disinfect your restroom’s baby changing table. 

Whether or not any babies were changed on the table, or if it was even pulled down for use in any capacity, the baby changing table must be cleaned and disinfected daily. Airborne viruses, germs, bacteria, and other contaminants will easily find their way onto the table, and letting it sit uncleaned for extended periods of time is hazardous.

Bathroom Cleaning: Scrub & Disinfect Urinals and Toilets

It’s likely that your business or facility’s restrooms will need a good scrubbing every now and then, though we won’t mention why. While this may seem like a comprehensive and effective cleaning effort, the job definitely isn’t over! Urinals and toilets must be disinfected just like any other commonly touched restroom surface.

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