Facility Services Provider: Review These 5 Vital Questions

By Cappstone Inc. |
Shaking hands with facility service provider

We could never say that there are a list of five most important questions to ask your facility services provider, but there are generally at least five questions of greater importance to ask before moving forward in hiring one. 

It all really depends on your facility. Is it a traditional office? Is it a warehouse? Is it a factory? Or is it a studio? What you ask your facility services provider will be based on your service needs, janitorial or otherwise. It doesn’t make sense to ask five generic questions when the answers may not necessarily apply to you and your facility’s needs. That said, here are five pretty universal questions to ask your (potential) facility services provider:

Facility Services Provider: Do You Use Environmentally Friendly Products and/or Equipment?

Of course, when deciding on things such as facility services providers, for so many reasons it’s a good decision to go with vendors that are “green”. In other words, you should want to work with vendors that use environmentally friendly products and/or equipment. In some cases, it may cost more, but being good to the environment and conscious of how your business affects the environment through waste removal is at least good karma. If you do, you may also be eligible for certain subsidizations or tax benefits (depending on your area).

Facility Services Provider: How Are Your Services Priced?

Every vendor’s method of pricing will go to show which services require the most effort and most costly materials. Asking a service provider how their services are priced will also go a long way in the costs you will eventually face as asking about pricing makes it difficult for vendors to include any redundant or hidden costs and fees. It’s best to know what you’re thinking about paying for.

Facility Services Provider: What Level of Experience Do Your Employees Have?

When looking for a provider, you should definitely ask about the level of experience each vendor’s staff has. Their methods and services may seem great on paper, but an experienced staff member will inevitably do a better job and give you a greater return on your investment than an inexperienced one.

Facility Services Provider: What Services Are Included, & What Other Services Are Available?

Whether or not a vendor’s services package includes everything you need, it’s always a good idea to ask about what other services are available through each. This will make it easier, less time consuming, and potentially less costly in the event you need a different or extra service.

Facility Services Provider: What Are Some of Your High Profile Clients?

To determine the credibility and quality of a provider, a great question to ask is for a list of some of their high profile clients. There is no better sign of a quality vendor than a big name client that they’ve maintained for a long time!

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