Restaurant Deep Cleaning – Two Common Areas

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Restaurant Deep Cleaning

For every restaurant owner, deep cleaning should be a top priority. It would help if you acknowledged that cleanliness influences your restaurant’s reputation and that you are also responsible for the health of your patrons. A lack of proper hygiene at your restaurant poses a serious risk of different health conditions for those who dine there. 

Even the health of your employees is at stake if they have to work in unclean conditions for a long time. With the growth of social media, restaurants become almost powerless to salvage their reputation if displeased customers complain about the horrendous hygiene conditions they experience. 

A lack of deep cleaning technologies and practices could become the reason why customers start walking out the door or venting on social media about their terrible experience at a restaurant. But the opposite would not only ensure that every customer enjoys a highly satisfactory meal and pleasurable dining experience but leaves great reviews on social media. 

While many restaurants diligently practice extensive deep cleaning practices, many often overlook two common areas. Let’s take a look at those below:

Garbage Pad 

The dumpster pad is often in a concealed restaurant space, usually at the back of the building or in a side alley. However, since the garbage area is outdoors and typically out of sight of customers, the restaurant management often overlooks the place’s cleanliness.

The garbage pad could become a breeding ground for nasty pests, like rats, by neglecting to clean this particular area. Before you know it, your restaurant could have an infestation on its hands. Even worse, the pests could start sneaking into other restaurant areas.  

Restaurant managers need to ensure thorough cleaning of the garbage bins and the entire dumpster area of their restaurant daily. If your restaurant opens from morning till late at night, serving several meals a day, you should have janitors clean it at least twice a day. 

You must also ensure that the cleaning staff seals the garbage can lids tightly. Hose down the containers and do not leave any scraps lying around. 

Dining Area 

Although very obvious, the dining area of a restaurant must be the cleanest at all times. While important to ensure thorough cleanliness in all common and hidden areas of the restaurant, you should especially pay attention to the dining area itself. 

This is the most crowded place of a restaurant always, where there are messy table tops, filth under the tables, food and beverage spills, and whatnot. There’s never a restaurant’s dining area where messy condiments, overflowing garbage cans, napkins, and other miscellaneous items don’t litter the place. 

But this is also the first impression of a restaurant, and the cleanliness here hugely influences the kind of experience customers will have. You must ensure deep cleaning of your restaurant’s dining area always. 

It is a great idea to hire professional cleaning services that use advanced products and cleaning technologies to destroy bacteria. They also neutralize odor, remove all kinds of filth and ensure your dining area looks as good as new every day!




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