How To Properly Clean Eco-Grip Flooring

By Cappstone Inc. |

Eco-grip flooring is a revolutionary type of commercial flooring that is known for its non-slip quality, durability, and resistance to bacteria and chemicals. It’s also known to be more flexible and anti-fatiguing, as well as noise-reducing, making it a more convenient surface for workers to operate on. Despite its cost, eco-grip flooring is becoming more prevalent in certain industries and continues to grow in demand.

Because it’s a unique type of commercial flooring, its process of cleaning and maintenance differs from traditional commercial floors. That’s not to say that cleaning eco-grip flooring is more difficult, time-consuming, or costly than traditional floors – this isn’t necessarily true. The right methods are necessary to effectively maintain eco-grip flooring, and ensure their longevity. With no further ado, here’s how to properly clean your eco-grip flooring:

Remove Moveable Items

Before performing any cleaning tasks, you need to remove all moveable items off of your eco-grip flooring. This includes garbage cans, floor mats, furniture, portable appliances, and more. Neglecting to do so will hinder your ability to clean and maintain your eco-grip floors in the short and long run.

Remove Topical Debris

Before engaging in the wet part of eco-grip floor cleaning, you’ll want to do a dry cleaning. This involves sweeping and/or vacuuming your floors to clear them of dust, loose dirt, garbage, food waste, and/or other loose debris. Not doing so will disrupt the wet cleaning part and affect the result of your efforts.

Distribute Eco-Grip Daily Cleaner Over Entire Floor

The appropriate cleaning solution should be included in your purchase of eco-grip flooring, as well as a foam gun, which attaches to a hose or faucet and proportionately distributes the cleaning solution to your floors. In the absence of a foam gun, mix the cleaning solution with fresh water per instructions, and distribute as evenly as possible. Let the solution sit on your floors for 8 to 10 minutes before the next step.


Rinsing your eco-grip floors after applying the daily cleaner solution is the simplest step in the process, though it’s just as critical as each other step. This is because prolonged exposure to the chemicals in cleaning solutions may damage or have an otherwise adverse effect on your floors. With thorough rinsing, you also ensure that you’re removing as much dirt and debris you can from your floors. Make sure to rinse with fresh water and aim towards drains.

Squeegee Dry

After you have thoroughly rinsed all of the daily cleaner solution off of your eco-grip floors, it’s necessary to dry them. The most common and effective drying method is squeegee. If you have an Eco-Grip Cleaning System (the company’s proprietary cleaning kit), then a squeegee is included. If not, it’s worth investing in one.


As you can see, it’s really not that difficult or time-consuming to properly clean your eco-grip flooring. All you need is the right supplies and routine. To learn more about eco-grip floor cleaning services, visit our website today!

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