Tips to Remove Grease from a Commercial Kitchen

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Tips to Remove Grease

Kitchen grease can make your commercial kitchen floor sticky and slippery. Slippery kitchen floors can make your employees slip and fall, leading to expensive insurance claims and a general safety hazard. 

Additionally, greasy kitchen floors can look very dirty. At best, clients can make complaints and leave a bad review, but at worst, the food authorities can take away your license. They are a worrying source of bacteria and germ growth, further infecting other kitchen utensils and the guests’ food.  

However, working on these tips, you can effectively remove grease from your commercial kitchen to make it look cleaner and avoid serious health and safety hazards. 

Remove Grease with Vinegar

Vinegar can easily cut down most stains in your commercial kitchen and home. If the stains are light and not too old, you can easily remove them using vinegar. The first approach to removing any stain should be natural and easygoing. 

Mix one part of white vinegar with four parts of water. When the solution is diluted correctly, soak the stain in it for some time. Wipe the mixture away and rinse with water thoroughly. Be careful not to harm yourself or anyone else by walking on a wet floor and slipping. 

Remove Grease with Baking Soda   

Liquid cleaners are not as effective in removing grease stains off your walls. Combine three tablespoons of baking soda with one cup of water for such surfaces. Apply the paste to the stain and rub it in a circular motion to remove the stain. 

Rinse the area thoroughly afterward. Just be careful not to use baking soda or cream cleaners on metallic and chrome surfaces and appliances as they could cause scratches. 

Remove Grease with Degreaser

Another efficient way to clean the stain is with a degreaser. Degreasers are liquid chemicals used to fight grease stains. Therefore, you can fill up seven liters of warm water in a mop bucket and mix 300ml of degreaser or strong bleach.

Spread this mixture over the greased floor with a clean mop. Now take a hard bristled brush and scrub the floor or stain to clean it. Keep rubbing until you remove every bit of the stain. Keep the area wet for about 15 minutes and clean the entire surface with the same mixture. Now, rinse the mixture with a clean mop and let it dry.   

Some More Tips to Control Grease in your Commercial Kitchen

If your commercial kitchen is prone to catching grease, you should take care of the following things to avoid it: 

  1. Clean your air ducts and exhausts every week so grease doesn’t get stuck in the fans. 
  2. Do not wipe oily dishes in your sink to clog the sink with grease. 
  3. Dry-wipe dishes and cutlery to avoid grease going down your sink and blocking it afterward 
  4. Always use clean water and a clean mop to avoid grease sticking to your kitchen area and floors. 

These cleaning tips can be very handy for maintaining a clean and healthy commercial kitchen for a successful business and hygienic food. Not to forget, regular and immediate cleaning can also help remove grease stains quickly and effectively. 


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