Electrostatic Spraying – Why It’s A Great Add On To Routine Cleaning

By Cappstone Inc. |
Electrostatic Spraying

In most aspects of life, technology often creates progress – and progress creates more room to improve our efficiency and impact. When most people think of how technology benefits us in our everyday lives, it’s usually smartphones and other smart devices, our cars, or wide-scale scientific advances – such as the internet, or electric cars. Although effective cleaning may not be the first thought when it comes to using technology to improve our efforts, the commercial cleaning industry has certainly seen its fair share of advancements. Especially in the COVID pandemic, certain practices can guarantee effective cleaning, and electrostatic spraying is one of the best. When it comes to thoroughly sanitizing your property or business, electrostatic spraying is a great add on to your routine cleaning efforts.

In even just the last few decades, we’ve seen brooms replaced by vacuums, and vacuums replaced by automated vacuuming machines. Especially in professional commercial cleaning, many different methodologies have been improved to the point we’re able to offer faster and more effective services than ever before. When it comes to effective sanitation, electrostatic spraying is a powerful process where cleaning solutions are distributed in the form of a mist to powerfully and thoroughly clean large spaces. This technique is also used in fogging, which is a similar practice also used to clean larger spaces quickly. The primary difference between the two is that fogging relies on the dispersion of the mist, whereas electrostatic spraying implements additional technologies for even increased effectiveness. To do this, electrostatic spraying leverages the nature of electric charges to ensure even better coverage than misting alone. To do this, an electrode within the sprayer atomizes the cleaning solution to give it a positive charge. Fogging cleans using a passive mist, but this atomization process means that electrostatic spraying results in active coverage, with particles aggressively sticking to all surfaces in the area being treated. Most importantly, this ensures even if an object (such as furniture or handles) is unevenly sprayed, it will still result in even coverage and complete sanitation.

It’s important to note that electrostatic spraying should be used in tandem with routine cleaning to maximize effectiveness. Surfaces should all be cleaned of debris prior to receiving treatment, and cleaned as best as possible to make sure the mist will be able to properly cover your facility. Prepping the area is an essential step to make sure it fully sanitizes as intended. Additionally, electrostatic spraying is a comprehensive treatment to be used in addition to regular cleaning tasks. Especially with the pandemic, it’s important to perform routine cleaning tasks every hour of operation, between shifts and clients, as well as any other cadence that makes sense for your business model. Electrostatic spraying cannot fully replace those, and is most effective when used as a final technique to ensure complete sanitation.

When it comes to ensuring the health and safety of your employees and your clients, as well as protecting your business from shutdowns due to a COVID case, the use of technology to augment your cleaning routine can be a powerful finishing touch. Electrostatic spraying is a great technique to add to your cleaning practices, protecting both your people and your business.