Salon Cleaning Tips

By Cappstone Inc. |
Salon Cleaning and Janitorial

Salons provide essential services under many circumstances, and after the lockdown that happened earlier in 2020, we learned exactly how essential they really are. Now that we’re back to being up and operational, it’s important to ensure proper sanitation protocols are being followed so that we can stay open – and stay safe. Salons are unique environments, due to the use of specialized tools that are used from customer to customer, as well as the different areas used for different services – as well as the fact that each customer needs different access to each space. When it comes to keeping your salon in its best possible condition, as well as keeping your clients safe and happy, here are the best salon cleaning tips.

Salon Cleaning Tips: Reception space

Every client who enters your salon will spend some amount of time in the reception space, whether that’s waiting for their appointment to begin or paying on their way out the door. Because this is such a high traffic area, it’s important to sanitize between customers to reduce the opportunity for germs and bacteria to spread, as well as prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Most importantly, sanitize the card reader, pen, and counter in between each client transaction. This will be a little extra work for your receptionist, but it will greatly reduce the chances of your business needing to close due to a positive case of COVID.

Salon Cleaning Tips: Specialized tools

Any tool that touches the customer needs to be sanitized between clients – no exception. Although this is always important, it’s essential to be even more vigilant than ever – and more comprehensive. Before the pandemic, it may not have been as important to completely sanitize your styling chair, but now that absolutely needs to be done between every person who sits in it. As a plus, taking these steps is a sure way to make a positive impact among your clients, so they feel safe and secure, and are happier and more confident working with you than the competition, who may not be demonstrating the same level of commitment.

Salon Cleaning Tips: Back of house

It’s important to clean the front of house, especially in between customers so they can see that you are truly putting in the required level of effort to minimize the chance of contracting COVID. That said, the back of house is where all the preparation is done to then service clients in the front of house, so it requires the exact same level of attention to detail and comprehensive cleaning treatments. Be sure to have a designated cleaning schedule in place that all employees understand and know their responsibilities, so everyone can work together to keep your business running safely and smoothly.

Salons are important businesses, but there is a lot of opportunity to pass germs and bacteria from one client to another. Fortunately, with planning and preparation, it can be a lot simpler to execute a proper cleaning plan than other business types, so every client can feel confident in the quality and the safety of the service they’re receiving.