Cappstone Announces Partnership with Inspirotec Inc. AirAnswers® 

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Cappstone Partnership with Inspirotec Inc., AirAnswers®

We are always looking to bring the best technology and tools for our clients and community to detect and fight against COVID-19 and other harmful germs and bacteria in order to keep themselves and businesses safe. We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Inspirotec Inc. in providing our clients with a greater understanding of their indoor environment through the use of AirAnswers® air sampling technology resulting in additional peace of mind and a greater sense of protection.

AirAnswers® is an air sampling device that collects particles such as allergens, molds, bacteria, and viruses. AirAnswers® collects these harmful particles before they can enter your lungs. This technology uses ion particles to generate air flow of 150 liters of air per minute to be circulated and collected.

AirAnswers®  makes monitoring your business super easy! All you need to do is plug in the device, let it run for a few days and send the cartridges back to the Inspirotec lab for sampling.  The device is silent and will not disturb you from your workday tasks.

The benefits of this new technology include:

  • Silent run system using electrostatic air capture technology to collect ultrafine particles in the air such as molds and allergens.
  • Provides additional protection and peace of mind against airborne allergens and bacteria within commercial space, alongside existing Cappstone janitorial/ facility services.
  • Hassle-free monitoring and rapid air quality testing protocols.

AirAnswers® is safe to use in all facility types such as schools, offices, retail stores, restaurants, medical facilities, etc.

Please reach out to your Cappstone Account Manager if you are interested in adding this technology to your facility.

If you're a current client needing support, please email