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Hire A Handyman For Your Business

Hire A Handyman For Your Business

Every business requires regular maintenance to keep things functioning properly. There are days when everything seems to be running smoothly, and others where it feels like everything is falling apart. This is normal for a business operation, but it should not be a standard for the actual building in which you are working. If you […]

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The Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing, & Disinfecting

The Difference Between Cleaning and Sanitizing

The reason it’s important to know the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting is because knowing the appropriate method to use can be the difference between health and illness, or worse. When talking about cleaning – acknowledging that there’s a mess, spill, or contamination that needs to be tended to – it’s usually used as […]

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Hire a Facility Management Company – 3 Reasons

Hire a Facility Management

As working in a tidy, well-equipped, and safe environment provides a pleasant and functional workspace, it can benefit you and your team by hiring a facility management company for your business. It enhances the quantity and quality of the work your employees put in and establishes a sense of trust and loyalty between them and […]

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Air Quality – The Importance Monitoring

Air quality

Breathing clean and fresh air is important for properly working lungs and a healthy body. While we can’t fully control the air quality outdoors, at a major level, we can control and maintain the air quality that we breathe indoors. Monitoring air quality within premises is crucial with a lack of ventilation and fresh air […]

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Facility Management Outsourcing – 4 Main Benefits

Facility Management

Facility managers are key tasking persons who oversee internal and external maintenance scores. For any successful business, facility management is very important, no matter its size.  Facility managers make sure smooth business operations, a safe and sound workplace, and customer satisfaction. But it is impossible for all businesses to dedicate an entire department to it. […]

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Benefits of Office Redesign – Space Planning

Benefits of Office Redesign

When you think about redesigning your office, the expenses and the hassle are the first things that can intimidate you. And while it isn’t cheap by any means, it can be a very financially sensible option. Some companies are expert at managing and providing excellent office redesign services. Why is Office Redesigning Important? It’s always […]

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Places in your Office You Probably Forget to Maintain

Places in your Office

Whether you have a small office cubicle or a whole office building to maintain, there are certain cleaning and maintenance tasks that you need to be carrying out. However, your office might still have multiple places that you might be forgetting to clean and maintain.  After our homes, the office is the place where we […]

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Furniture Decommissioning – Facility Maintenance Services

Furniture Decommissioning

Wondering what furniture decommissioning is and whether or not it is suitable for your business and specific requirements? Read this piece to find out.  It is not uncommon to see people confuse the terms property maintenance and industrial maintenance with facility maintenance (FM). However, the three are quite different forms of practices in the US.  […]

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3 Types of Energy-Saving Light Bulbs for Your Facility

Switching to energy-saving light bulbs is one of the many ways you can make your business more sustainable. After all, business sustainability comes with numerous perks. This is why more and more business owners are starting to opt for sustainable ways and practices.  You can save thousands of dollars each year by replacing your usual […]

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3 Sustainable Facility Maintenance Practices

Sustainable Facility Maintenance

Wondering how you can bring a sustainable change to your business’ facility maintenance? Keep reading to find out.  As time progresses, various industries are opting for more sustainable ways of operation. And this growing attention towards going green is no longer a result of trends but rather a real concern. More than 90 percent of […]

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