Electrostatic Spray Technology – 5 Features

By Cappstone Inc. |

The electrostatic spray is a disinfecting device that covers all surfaces and touchpoints to eliminate all bacteria and viruses. The electrostatic spray technology functions as a sanitizer and prophylactic for hazardous viruses and germs in a confined space where ventilation is already less, resulting in germ and bacteria buildup.

The disinfecting and sanitizing process is accomplished by dispensing an electrostatically charged mist over the affected surfaces and contact points. Suppose you are intrigued about how the electrostatic spray technology works and its best features. In that case, the following are some of the top advantages of the electrostatic spray technology for you:

  • Can Be Used in all Locations and Surfaces

The electrostatic disinfection system is a flexible and powerful cleaning tool used in confined and contracted places. It greatly helps your business because it can be applied to various settings, surfaces, and industries, given any business field you belong to. Due to their flexibility, you can even use them for kitchen and electrical appliances.

The sheer adaptability is highly advantageous as it provides a reliable, efficient cleaning method that can be used throughout the entire organization. One more important benefit of electrostatic spray technology is that you can use the same spray for various locations and purposes, as it is highly adaptable and convenient for most places and purposes. Workplaces, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and commercial kitchens are a few examples where electrostatic disinfectants can be effectively used.

  • Efficient Infection Control

An electrostatic sprayer is demonstrated for cleaning surfaces and touching areas that reduce the spread of hazardous viruses and bacteria. Due to the special chemical solution that is made by using a combination of air and positive electrodes, the electrostatic spray technology cleans, disinfects, and even sanitizes any contaminated or virus-prone area that can pose harm to people.

The positive disinfectant solution acts on negatively charged surfaces and objects as soon as the spray is sprayed on the areas, making it a great disinfectant solution for bacteria, viruses, and germs. This electrostatic spray technology is also crucial in forming a protective barrier against germs, bacteria, and infections to maintain a healthy environment.

  • Surfaces Can be Shortly Used After Spraying

The electrostatic spray is so effective in eliminating germs and bacteria that the treated areas are clean and ready for use in as little as 15 minutes. The spray systems give your company an efficient and dependable way to get your surroundings ready for use within minutes without having to wait for extended periods of hours or days like other disinfecting procedures.

This speedy response is also due to the non-harmful nature of the chemicals utilized in the solution; because they are so natural and harmless, human contact can be established with the surface shortly after the solution’s application.

  • Provides Safety and Productivity

To safeguard your company’s employees and customers, a safe and secure workplace has become essential since the COVID-19 virus epidemic. By providing a protective and safe setting, electrostatic spray benefits your business in numerous ways in both the longer and shorter run.

You can see improvement in your business productivity when your visitors and employees are in a welcoming and secure atmosphere. This increases your chances of running a profitable firm with healthy and loyal staff and increased productivity and growth.

  • It is a Non-Invasive and Quick Process

Electrostatic spray technology is a class apart from conventional, labor-intensive cleaning techniques. Before this technology, sanitizing a big area required several workers to work simultaneously to conduct labor-intensive tasks.

This requirement is satisfied by the electrostatic spray, which enables the use of the sprayer for the cleaning task. The preparation for electrostatic sanitation service is remarkably simple and non-intrusive. Contrary to fogging, the well-known electrostatic spray technology does not turn off important building systems to interrupt any work. It could also be used in a normally or even less ventilated setting.

Using an electrostatic spray technology for your business and premises acts as a security barrier against germs, infections, and pollutants. It provides a safe and secure environment and enhances productivity and financial growth for your business. A healthier staff leads to a loyal staff that directly impacts your business and growth.

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