What to Look for in Commercial Handyman Services

By Cappstone Inc. |
Commercial Handyman Services

For the most part, everyone who is in the market for commercial handyman services knows the fundamental elements of what to look for in such types of professional service providers. By this, we mean that you should look for commercial handyman service providers that are competent, experienced, efficient, affordable, and demonstrate a high level of professionalism and respect. Affordability never hurts, too!

In order to get into more specific things to look for in commercial handyman services, you should probably first determine your commercial facility’s actual and potential needs, as well as an appropriate budget for said services. Knowing what to look for is almost useless if what you find isn’t relevant for your commercial facility. That said, once you’ve determined your facility’s certain and conditional needs and budget, here’s what to look for in commercial handyman services:


The first and most important thing to look for in a commercial handyman service is whether or not they’re in compliance with local, state, and federal law. Such service providers need to have valid licenses, permits, and need to meet minimum insurance requirements. If not in compliance, skip past.

Research Elements

Compliance is the first and most important part of the things you need to research when looking for commercial handyman services – the rest is ancillary. Either way, other research elements – things to look for in your research – include number of staff, levels of experience, scope of services offered, cost of services, and more. The more you know about a commercial handyman service, the better.

Things to Consult

After you’ve done your due diligence in researching and narrowing your list of commercial handyman services, you should reach out to each and try to schedule a consultation. Regardless of the method (in person, by phone, or another way), start by describing your facility and its needs and make sure to ask any questions you may have. Meanwhile, pay attention to pretty much everything, including their manners, interest in your needs, level of relevant knowledge, accuracy and honesty, and more. One thing to specifically look out for is whether any of the commercial handyman services that you engage in an initial consultation with are too salesy. In other words, do they listen to your needs, or are they thinking about their bottom line? This matters because it affects the cost, quality, and reliability of services.

Online Reviews Never Hurt

It may be a bit tacky to suggest looking for red flags (or conversely, great reviews) on a commercial handyman service’s Google, Yelp, and/or Angie’s List reviews online, but these reviews are surprisingly useful. It’s because people usually skip the extra, boring work that is leaving an online review, so you can assume the people leaving the reviews were compelled to do so. The trick is identifying whether a review was derived from a positive or negative experience, and what specifically triggered it (a costly mistake or bad customer service, perhaps).