Medical Facilities: Terminal Cleaning vs General Janitorial

By Cappstone Inc. |
Medical Facilities

When owning and operating in medical facilities, it is important to have a cleaning crew that specializes in all the services that go into keeping it a safe and healthy environment. There are different levels to cleaning and standards to meet spending on the situation. Here is the difference between terminal cleaning and general janitorial services that will be performed daily in your facility:

Terminal Cleaning

Terminal cleaning is defined by Health Protection Scotland as, “a procedure required to ensure that an area has been cleaned/decontaminated following discharge of a patient with an infection (i.e. alert organism or communicable disease) in order to ensure a safe environment for the next patient.”  The Center for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) recommends this type of cleaning before and after operative producers, and provides other strict requirements for other scenarios that appear in healthcare facilities.

Terminal cleaning is so important because it provides the necessary disinfection and cleaning processes to ensure that the rooms and facilities are maintained at the highest level of cleanliness possible and minimize the spread of dangerous substances and pathogens. This deep clean is achieved by wiping down all surfaces, like floors and reusable equipment, that have even the slightest chance of spreading infectious diseases.  

An evolving addition to terminal cleanings involves UV-C lights that are used to aid in the cleaning process. Humans are imperfect creatures and so are their cleaning abilities, so using these special UV-C light devices in contaminated rooms will kill any germs left behind. It is a great tool to maximize the effectiveness of the terminal cleaning process and bring peace of mind to anyone using the facility. 

General Janitorial Services 

General janitorial services may not be as intense, but they are arguable just as important to keeping healthcare facilities pristine. These duties include daily trash removal, window cleaning, mopping and vacuuming, wiping down high traffic surfaces, and ensuring cleaning products are replaced and readily available in units at all times. These services are not to be overlooked; they keep a facility up and running and are the foundation of a safe environment for caretakers and patients.The question is not, “which kind of service is best for my facility?”, but rather, “How can I ensure I have the right personnel and resources to conduct these cleaning harmoniously?” Visit our website to get connected with a professional cleaner that can fit your facility’s needs: our job is to do the dirty work for you so your facility can stay clean, pristine, and everything in between.

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