Understanding Surveillance: All About Technology Installation Services

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understanding surveillance

Security is important, especially to business owners, operators, and managers. Whether you need to monitor the inside of your retail space to prevent theft or the surveillance of your commercial property is necessary in order to keep a log of visitors (friendly or otherwise), you should know that not all security cameras are the same. Neither is the installation of each type of security camera and surveillance system, as well as the supporting operational services. Understanding surveillance technology can be tricky.

It’s not as simple as hanging a camera, pointing it at a door, and recording video footage endlessly, unfortunately. There’s much more to understanding surveillance technology and we’re here to discuss it today! Here’s all you need to know about security camera installation services:

Types of Security Cameras

Security cameras are generally categorized between outdoor or indoor, commercial or consumer, door and/or doorbell cameras, window cameras, night vision cameras, thermal cameras, motion detector cameras, and CCTV systems. Knowing which type of security camera or cameras you need to build your surveillance technology system shouldn’t be too difficult, but there are more considerations.


Such as the cost(s)! Security cameras vary in cost, and you can expect that the more expensive they are, the more expensive their installation, software, management, and operation will be. Many modern surveillance experts that provide consultation and installation services offer tech support on a subscription basis, and while the convenience can be worth it, it can be very expensive! If you’re considering or need a surveillance system, think about what it is you’re investing in to secure. Perhaps it’s a good idea to find a proportionate, cost-effective solution.

Installation: Placement & Wiring (Electrical) Considerations

Planning is the first and most important part of installation, and you should know that planning should be done before purchasing a security system. Too many people make the mistake of planning their installation after purchasing. One big reason why is because, while most security systems come with the necessary wiring, the provided hardware may not be long enough for your facility. Even worse, the provided hardware may not be immediately adaptable to your facility’s wiring and electrical setup. Older facilities often lack access to modern cables, and may even distribute incompatible electrical currents. Other things to consider when planning, relative to the security cameras, include peripheral lighting, camera accessibility, Wifi strength near cameras, and even your local and state privacy laws!

Let Your Needs Decide

It’s probably obvious by now that there’s a lot to consider when choosing a surveillance system that’s appropriate for your business or commercial space. You may or may not be able to narrow your choices down to a specific number of a certain type of camera with the capabilities that it has, as well as where to install it and how to store and process the video data. Long sentence, right? If you fell short, we recommend hiring a professional!

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