Restaurant Cleaning: Top Tips

By Cappstone Inc. |
Restaurant Cleaning and Janitorial

Cleanliness, hand washing, and sanitation has always been top priority for restaurants. If your restaurant cleaning isn’t up to snuff, you’re looking at run-ins with the health inspector, a bad reputation with customers, and the possibility of creating food-borne illnesses. All of this holds more true than ever as we navigate the global COVID-19 pandemic, and the importance of keeping everything clean and sanitary is greater than ever. The virus continues to spread, but restaurants need to open their doors if they want to stay in business. When it comes to keeping your business ahead of the competition, make sure you and your employees are aware of proper cleaning practices so you can create a safe environment for your guests and staff.

Restaurant Cleaning: The right supplies

Right now, you’re not just cleaning to clean or “just get it done”. Right now, you’re cleaning and disinfecting because your restaurant’s future ultimately depends on it. Right now, the last thing you want as a business owner is to have a confirmed case of COVID at your restaurant – and with the right cleaning supplies and practice, you can greatly decrease the chances of that happening. Products to always have on hand that will effectively kill germs and bacteria include bleach, disinfectant wipes, gloves, hand sanitizer, hand soap, along with other material-specific cleaners. We recommend you keep an inventory of all these products so you can be sure you have enough time to order more so you’re never left without any essential cleaning tools.

Restaurant Cleaning: Dining room cleaning

You probably already have a cleaning checklist, but some areas may need to be added to the list with COVID cleaning precautions in mind. Thoroughly sanitizing all parts of the doors, chairs, menus, and other commonly touched areas needs to be happening numerous times throughout the day. When cleaning, employees should be wearing gloves to not only protect themselves from the germs on the surfaces but to take extra caution when using disinfecting products often.

Restaurant Cleaning: Kitchen cleaning

The dining room absolutely needs regular cleaning and sanitizing as there will be dozens of guests coming in and out – but that doesn’t mean the kitchen doesn’t deserve the same attention. Unfortunately, this virus doesn’t always make itself known, which means you could have employees who are unknowingly infected and spreading it around the kitchen. On the bright side, there are many precautions you can take to help prevent this from happening. For starters, implementing a mask and glove requirement will go a long way, along with extra detailed cleaning. Items and areas such as pan handles, microwave and oven buttons, fridge and freezer handles, prep stations, and all countertops should be getting wiped down and sanitized on a regular basis. Making sure you have a checklist with detailed instructions for your employees to follow will help this process be smooth, simple, and effective. For extra caution, we recommend to continuously replace your cleaning tools such as sponges, rags, and scrubbing pads.

In today’s world, COVID cleaning is ever-evolving, and new information is always coming out. By staying up to date on effective cleaning practices, washing hands regularly, and providing hand sanitizer for employees and guests – you’ll have a great advantage when it comes to fighting the coronavirus and the flu. Your customers are learning what cleaning precautions to look out for, so leave them with a great impression by giving your restaurant the attention it deserves.

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