Window Washing: Top Tips for Success

By Cappstone Inc. |
Window Washing Large Glass Building

You would think that window washing is pretty simple, if not at least that there aren’t many steps to washing windows, but we’ve got news for you: it’s not that simple. Not if you want spotless, streakless windows – the kind that birds accidentally fly into because they don’t notice the glass. Rest in peace to the birds of the past, and it shouldn’t be the goal nor should you gauge the cleanliness of your windows by whether or not birds notice them. 

Regardless of the size or purpose of your windows, you should want them as clean as possible. The difference between a spotless and streakless window and one that blurs everything in sight can make or break your day (especially in the winter). That said, here are some tips to wash your windows appropriately:

Window Washing: Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber towels or rags, specific to window washing or not, are the type of soft, lint-free materials that are great for window washing. Otherwise, your windows can get scratched, or they may be cleaned but contaminated with stubborn lint from the material of the wipe used. If you don’t have any microfiber towels, then paper towels should do. 

Window Washing: Rinse With Water = No Streaks

If you’ve been lucky enough to wash your windows and find that you left behind no streaks, then kudos to you! It doesn’t always end up that way, even in the case of professional window washers. It’s always a good idea to include an extra rinsing step at the end of your wash to remove any streaks that are leftover. For this, water should do.

Window Washing: Avoid Cleaning Solutions With These In Them

Not all window washing solutions are great for your windows – it really depends on the location and type of window that you have, and what it is you’re trying to wash your windows clean of. In any case, avoid using cleaning solutions that are ammonia or alcohol-based. Why? These solutions may leave unseen streaks or even invisible films that attract dust and debris.

Window Washing: Indoor Equipment vs Outdoor Equipment

Experts recommend using different cleaning solutions and cleaning tools when cleaning both the interior and exteriors of your windows. We don’t mean using literal different solutions and different types of tools – in fact, it’s a good idea to use the same kinds of solutions and types of tools. What we are suggesting that experts recommend is using a clean set of tools and solution, so as not to contaminate your windows with whatever the other side yielded when cleaning!

Window Washing: Get Creative

Commercial window cleaning products and solutions like Windex are useful, but not the only useful solutions that you can use to clean your windows. Did you know that liquid dish detergent like Dawn is great for cleaning windows? Especially if you are out of Windex and the likes and can’t immediately get your hands on it. Mix a little bit with water and wash your windows as you would any other way!

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