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Your business is many things – it’s a financial investment, an emotional investment, it’s often the culmination of a realized dream, and it’s both your present and your future. So, the decision to trust it with a vendor is a significant one – you want to feel confident they’ll treat it with the same respect and care you do, while knowing you may not always be around to verify whether or not that is the case. When it comes to hiring a janitorial service in particular, they can have a make-or-break impact on the first impressions of your customers, which is one of the most important areas your reputation is built on. When it comes to finding the best commercial janitorial service online, here are a few tips to aid you on your search.

Commercial Janitorial Service: It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach

Every business has different needs – that’s just a fact. A restaurant needs very different tools and methodologies than a gym, which both need very different tools and methodologies than a hotel, or even a hospital.

Some commercial cleaning businesses only serve specific industries, and that’s certainly not a bad thing. It’s important for any commercial cleaning company to recognize its limitations, and it’s far worse to say their team is capable of cleaning a hospital when it’s not. On the other hand, some commercial cleaning businesses can serve a wide variety of businesses – like ours. It’s most important, in these cases, that they developed their skill sets over time to make sure they genuinely understand the unique needs of every industry they serve.

In short, hiring a niche cleaning service or a full-scale cleaning service can both work well, but make sure their web content makes it clear they understand what your business and your industry needs. If there’s any doubt, a phone call where you can relay the specific needs of your business and hear their response is always a good first step.

Commercial Janitorial Service: Access to the services you need

One thing we don’t do, and we don’t believe is smart for most businesses to work with, are contracts or tiers of service agreements that don’t cover certain things you do need, or include things you don’t. When cleaning services structure their business plans into tiers, you may be forced into a position where you’re paying expenses that aren’t relevant to your business’s needs, or not receiving services that are very much essential.

In these scenarios, the responsibility falls to you and your team to either meet your needs with your own labor dollars, or hire yet another service to fill the gaps being left behind. Instead, we recommend working with a business that can tailor their plans and costs to fit you based on your desired level of service.

Commercial Janitorial Service: Bandwidth to support you
Finally, a great thing to seek out in your preliminary online searches is to make sure the businesses you are considering have the bandwidth to support you. Commercial cleaning companies can have varying sizes in their workforce, as well as clients they regularly serve, so it’s important to make sure they aren’t stretching themselves too thin to make a quick dollar, which can easily come at the expense of the service they provide you.

To get an idea of what they can accommodate, read around on their website and see what they have to say about their own team and practices. If you still aren’t sure, this is another great question to put on a preliminary phone screening – don’t be afraid to ask thorough and detailed questions, any business you want to hire will be able to handle them.


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  • Kate Hansen says:

    It was really helpful when you said to find one that has the bandwidth to support your company. My husband and I want to look into finding a cleaning service that we can hire for our restaurant so that it can stay clean and professional, and we want to make sure that we can find the right one. We’ll make sure to keep these tips in mind as we search for a cleaning service.

  • Taylor Hicken says:

    You made a good point when you shared that it is great to find a reliable janitorial service that can tailor its plans and costs based on your desired level of service. In this way, you can assure that your office area is always neat and tidy. I would like to think if a company needs to hire a janitorial service, it should consider looking for the one that is able to provide the service that it wants.

  • Kate Hansen says:

    It’s good to know that you should find a cleaning service that understands what your company needs. My uncle was telling me last night about how he is needing to look into finding a cleaning service for his office, and that he wants to make sure that he can hire the right one. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to him as he searches for a cleaning service that he can hire.

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