Tips for Maintaining a Clean Dental Office

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clean dental office

Dental offices are, like just about every other office of the dental field’s medical counterparts, usually very clean. At least they’re cleaner than whatever nonmedical offices and facilities people commonly visit for whatever services they may need. This should be no surprise, as we expect doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare practitioners to maintain a clean and sanitary place.

The last thing that anyone wants is to show up to an obviously dirty dental office, and perhaps wait in a room where other patients and visitors, as well as dental office staff, appear unhygienic or ill. Add to that a lack of clearly stated and visible sanitary procedures and practices. Add to that full trash bins, smeared, dusty tables, countertops, and chairs, and a musty, streaked floor. What those worst-case-scenario examples may suggest to anyone is that their dentist’s hands will be no different, and those hands will eventually end up in your mouth. That said, here are a few tips to maintaining a clean dental office, so that your patients can rest assured they’re in good hands:

Disinfection is #1 Now

There is a certain process, and a set of guidelines and procedures that dentists are legally and ethically obligated to follow regarding the use, sanitation, and disposal of a number of tools and items needed to perform their work. Needless to say, it’s very strict and important to abide by for the sake of their clients. A tip? Apply the same principles to disinfecting your entire office. A clean, disinfected office will reduce the risk of exposure to harmful pathogens, including viruses like COVID-19.

So Does Your Reception

Keeping your reception area clean and organized goes beyond appearances. Obviously, regularly cleaning, wiping, dusting, vacuuming, and organizing your reception will be appreciated by your waiting patients. Disinfecting your reception – especially the high touchpoint areas – may not be noticed by your patients, but while they’re in your office, their health is your responsibility. 

Dusting & Air Quality

A very useful dental office cleaning tip is to dust often, giving importance to both visible and hard to see (and reach) areas. Dust buildup is easily noticeable. Apart from how this reflects poorly on your dental business, dust is responsible for the spread of very fine viral particles and other pathogens. A dust-free environment reduces these risks. This also makes air quality important. You should have your HVAC systems inspected and serviced if necessary. Monitoring your air quality, and making sure all vent covers are cleaned and dusted is also a good idea.

Floor Maintenance

It’s not so much about what kind of flooring you have, be it carpet, hardwood, tile, or some combination of those three or another type of flooring, it matters that you keep your floors clean and well-maintained. We recommend increasing the frequency with which you clean your floors, be it vacuuming or wet mopping. Making it a daily effort isn’t a bad idea.


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