The Difference between Housekeeping and Cleaning

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The Difference between Housekeeping and Cleaning

Do you think you need some extra help with the upkeep of your property, whether residential or commercial? You may not have the time to deal with cleaning and maintenance issues on your own. Either way, you may be considering hiring a housekeeper or cleaner services for your building. 

People tend to use the terms cleaning and housekeeping interchangeably. However, the two services are quite different from one another. Confusion between the two can lead you to make the wrong choice, which wastes your money and time. 

This makes it important for you to learn about the differences between housekeeping and cleaning to hire the right professional building services. Continue reading to find out what the two services mean and what will suit your facility best. 

What is Housekeeping?

In simple words, housekeeping refers to cleaning and organizing space in a neat, orderly manner. This means that the housekeeping professionals you hire will do more than just clean your commercial space. 

Of course, a housekeeper cleans the windows, floors, etc., but they also make sure that your space looks organized. Housekeeping services take the stressful load of making a space look more inviting and friendlier off a business owner’s mind. 

This is the reason housekeeping is a popular facility maintenance service in occupational settings. 

What is Cleaning?

Speaking of cleaning, these services are never one-size-fits-all but rather depend on the type of building or facility. This means that a building’s specific cleaning requirements determine what ‘cleaning’ entails. For instance, some facilities may require daily cleaning services while others only clean once a week. 

Furthermore, there are several kinds of cleaning services, and facilities may hire a professional building services company for more than one service. Common facility cleaning and maintenance services include:

  • Floor cleaning
  • Sanitary cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning

Other types of cleaning services for thorough sanitization of a facility include:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Floor sweeping
  • Floor polishing
  • Window cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of carpets and furniture
  • Deep cleaning of sanitary facilities like washrooms 

What’s the Difference?

The main difference between cleaning and housekeeping is that housekeeping focuses on more than just cleaning a space. In fact, cleaning a facility means improving its cleanliness, removing dirt and grime, and getting rid of germs and bacteria. This will typically involve vacuuming the carpets and spot cleaning the walls, etc.

On the other hand, housekeeping services focus on tidying up a space and making it look more presentable and inviting to visitors. In fact, housekeeping services can make a facility look more ‘on brand,’ improving business marketing. 

Who Requires Housekeeping Services

Typically, housekeeping services are designed keeping hotels in mind. And hotels are among the most common commercial facilities using these services. 

After all, hotel rooms require more than just thorough cleaning. Housekeeping services are important for making the room look as good as new, even between rotating guests. So, housekeepers don’t just clean hotel rooms but also organize them for new guests. 

On the other hand, occupational settings like offices and business workstations also use housekeeping services. For such spaces, housekeeping routine cleaning and restoring the orderliness of a workplace before it slips out of order.

Who Requires Cleaning Services

Generally, all kinds of facilities, including commercial and residential buildings, can use cleaning services. In commercial settings, cleaning services can help maintain the floors, elevators, windows, carpets, etc. On the other hand, residential facilities can also use the same cleaning services.