The Benefits of Green Cleaning

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The Benefits of Green Cleaning

Green cleaning has been a growing trend as the focus of sustainability continues to expand, and it is a practice that can bring great benefits to your business and the environment around you. By incorporating eco-friendly cleaning products into your facility, you can create a healthier atmosphere for your employees and neutralize your business’ environmental impact. Here are a few insights to scratch the surface in just how much a simple change to sustainable products can impact those around you:

Creates Healthier Indoor Atmosphere:

To continue on the topic of health, eco-friendly cleaning products dramatically decrease the amount of air pollution in your indoor spaces. Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that indoor air quality can be much more polluted than outdoor air quality due to the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in common cleaning supplies. This means that the floor polishes, multipurpose cleaners, and aerosol sprays contain toxins that will be evaporated and enter the lungs.

The science behind these chemicals seems intimidating, but why should you be concerned? It is the irritation that comes from contact and inhalation with these chemicals that is the real reason to consider eco-friendly alternatives. Exposure to these harsh chemicals can cause eye, throat, and respiratory irritation such as asthma flare ups. The long term effects are more severe and may range from headaches and dizziness to adverse effects on the brain and immune systems. 

These symptoms are not always a threat with every cleaning supply and can be minimized with proper ventilation in areas. However, there are steps you can take to stop these issues at the source: the products themselves. Amongst many other solutions, the EPA suggests seeking products with key words like “natural ingredients”, “biodegradable”, and “non-toxic” for the best chance of selecting the healthier solution.

Better for the Bigger Picture

The benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products are seen beyond those directly using them. Products who do not meet the eco-friendly standard prove to be harmful for Earth’s waterways, ozone layers, and animal habitats. By incorporating eco-friendly and non toxic cleaning supplies, you are taking steps in the right direction to keep your community a healthy place. Oftentimes, eco-friendly cleaning products tend to be more concentrated and made with only necessary ingredients, so you can be sure that what you see is what you get. All in all, eco-friendly cleaning supplies have everyone’s best interest in mind; they keep the office space healthy, provide competitive cleaning results, and provide healthy alternatives to keep the Earth clean from dangerous toxins. To get connected with a team that can incorporate these products into your business cleaning routine, check out our website today. We value steps towards a happy and healthy environment, and we want your business to be a part of the change.

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