Tech Enabled Disinfecting Services

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Tech Enabled Sanitizing Services

When it comes to progress of any kind, technology is usually at the front of it. Across industries, social movements, and within our own individual lives – technology can help us achieve more and do it more efficiently. We use our smartphones to bank and shop and our computers to organize and communicate quickly. And many of our homes feature smart technology to make it faster and easier to meet our needs, while often doing it better, too. The same is true of the cleaning industry, which is more important now than ever.

The use of technology to help keep our lives cleaner – and safer – isn’t new, but it certainly is becoming more impressive. Just like the vacuum replaced the broom, washers and dryers replaced tubs and boards, and mops and dusters all became better and easier to use effectively, the same trends are continuing today. We have technologies that allow us to clean bigger spaces faster and more effectively – a winning combination, most especially as it relates to the current COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to ensuring the safety of your facility, here are just a few of the technologically enabled disinfecting services we can implement today.

Tech Enabled Disinfecting Services: UV Cleaning

UV sterilization isn’t a new technology, but it is quickly gaining popularity due to its speed, ease of use, and effectiveness. UV sterilization can kill infectious bacteria, fungi, and viruses, making it an extremely beneficial methodology to leverage for environments that need to be safe for those who enter them. UV sterilization, like most methods of cleaning and disinfecting, is best used in harmony with additional practices to fully clean and sanitize the affected areas. Particularly when used in the hands of knowledgeable cleaning professionals, UV cleaning is an efficient way to ensure your facility is cleaned to the absolute highest standards.

Tech Enabled Disinfecting Services: Fogging

Fogging is an efficient cleaning solution that applies chemical disinfectants by misting them into the air in order to clean a large area quickly and thoroughly. By implementing this strategy, the proper cleaning solutions are able to reach virtually all surface areas that might be otherwise impossible to reach through traditional or manual methods alone. Again, fogging is most effectively used with other practices, and is most impactful when it’s used as a final step to ensure absolute coverage over a large space. Particularly as we all adapt to our new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, fogging is a highly effective solution to implement which ensures all surfaces are cleansed, and any contamination on those surfaces are thoroughly eliminated.

Tech Enabled Disinfecting Services: Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic spraying is a similar process to fogging, but with additional technologies implemented to maximize efficacy. Much like fogging, cleaning solutions are distributed in the form of a mist to powerfully and thoroughly clean large spaces and ensure they’re comprehensively sanitized. The difference is, however, electrostatic spraying leverages the nature of electric charges to ensure even better coverage. To do this, the solution is atomized with an electrode within the sprayer giving it a positive charge – those particles then aggressively stick to surfaces, whereas misting alone passively covers surfaces. This means that even if an object is sprayed unevenly, it will still result in even coverage, giving you the confidence your space is truly entirely cleaned.

Technology offers us powerful solutions in all aspects of life, and the ability to ensure your facility is cleaned to the standards that keep you, your staff, and your customers safe is no different. By implementing the technological cleaning methodologies outlined in this article, you’ll be able to operate your facility with confidence, so you can focus on what matters.

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