Summer Cleaning Tips – Keeping Your Facility Fresh

By Cappstone Inc. |

Depending on the nature of your industry, summer may be a season for heightened traffic to your business. With more traffic in your doors comes a lot of opportunities to share your services with others, but it also requires some attention to the housekeeping duties that keep your office a refreshing space to welcome guests and employees day by day.

Carpets are a Priority

As more people enter your doors this summer season, you will notice the first things to show signs of dirtying are your carpets and floors. Shoes track in dirt, mud, pollen, and other substances that can build up on your carpets if not cleaned regularly. To stay on top of this grime, be sure to have a quality vacuum cleaner that can be used daily during closing shifts and a spot cleaner on hand to quickly tackle any spills or bigger messes. 

In addition to daily cleaning routines, hiring a professional carpet and cleaning crew can give your space the summer rest it needs. Outsourcing this kind of cleaning can occur bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed. The trick is to find what works well with your needs! 

Trash and Disinfection

One thing that often goes overlooked when managing a business is the level of trash that accumulates and how often it will need to be taken. It is important to have the necessary facilities to put the trash such as dumpsters, trash cans, and garbage trucks.

Another aspect of trash is the bacteria that accumulates within it. When garbage containing food, drinks, and other substances sit for extended periods of time, bacteria accumulates on the spoiled matter and projects that unpleasant garbage smell. The first step is to remove the garbage, but the second step is to properly disinfect these types of high traffic areas. There are plenty of eco-friendly or professional disinfection services available. No matter what you choose, you are heading in the right direction for a cleaner business!

Find Fast and Effective Solutions

Running a business occupies a lot of your time and your employees’. Keeping your business clean should not have to take away from your business practices, but rather enhance it! Consider fast and effective solutions like outsourcing teams with pressure washers, disinfection spraying machines, and many more professional grade cleaning services. If you need a hand to keep your business clean this summer, visit our website or give us a call- we are happy to handle the dirty work for you!

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