Summer Camp Cleaning Tips

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Summer Camp Cleaning Tips

Under the best of circumstances, there’s no two ways about it – cleaning after kids is difficult. Working with kids is a rewarding, but also challenging experience, and it requires specialized knowledge to do well. When it comes to running a summer camp, the complexities only increase since the kids aren’t going home at the end of the day, unlike school, day care, or other recreational activity spaces. The good news is despite the interesting and unique situations that kids can bring along with all the fun, cleaning up after them doesn’t have to be an overwhelming undertaking. By following these summer camp cleaning tips, you’ll be able to enjoy more with the kids, while also feeling confident that you’re providing them a safe and healthy environment.

Summer Camp Cleaning Tips: Help them help themselves
Kids can be messy, it’s true, but it’s also important for them to take accountability for that fact. Summer camp should be fun, and they certainly can’t do everything, but it’s always good to take an opportunity to teach kids to manage themselves and be responsible for their actions. If they need to use resources or equipment, make sure they know they’re expected to return them to their original location. If they get a table or work surface dirty, give them the tools they need to clean it. When they’re staying in their cabin, let them know they’re responsible for basic cleaning tasks and remaining in charge of their own personal belongings. By asking each kid to do a little, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of work while also teaching them important lessons and values.

Summer Camp Cleaning Tips: Create a plan that fits your facility
Most facilities have a gap in between camping groups, if it’s not a program that lasts all summer long. If you do get a break in between campers, that’s a great time to do all your deep cleaning. To get the most out of that opportunity, it’s best to combine those efforts with smaller, regular efforts throughout the kids’ stay. By creating a plan that all your employees are trained in, you’ll all be able to work together to keep the cleaning tasks manageable, and maximizing your efforts when the kids go home. If you do have a longer program, setting aside a designated day once per week is a great way to be consistent even when the kids are there. Mixing that with smaller tasks done daily, you’ll find it’s a much more balanced approach than constantly playing catch-up or making things up as you go.

Summer Camp Cleaning Tips: Work with professional partners
At the end of the day, your passion is children – one of the most important and rewarding ways to engage with the community. We know cleaning is important, but let us help you so you can keep your focus right where you want it – having fun with your campers and helping them make the most of their experience. By allowing our team to come in and get the job done efficiently and thoroughly, you can enjoy feeling confident that you’re providing the best and healthiest space for the kids, while skipping the stress of doing it all your own. Our team of experts is trained, experienced, and loaded with the right equipment for the job – we’ll take care of your facility so you can make the most of what you do with it.

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