Stadium: Sanitizing and Disinfecting Tips

By Cappstone Inc. |

Stadiums are home to America’s favorite pastimes: football, baseball, concerts, and shows. With all the fans in attendance at these events, it is no small task to keep the  stadium tip top shape from one event to the next. Here are a few tips to consider when carrying out or seeking stadium maintenance services:

Prioritize Trash Removal

With some stadium sizes reaching close to 90,000 seats, it can be hard to comprehend just how much trash can be accumulated by that number of spectators. It is crucial that you have a cleaning crew that performs trash removal and recycling services on a constant basis; there should be no down time in events that allows for trash and recycling bins to overflow. Be sure to have a professional team that specializes in both changing out trash bins and trash removal from the premises after the events.

Wipe Down Surfaces Frequently

Stadium seats and surfaces can quickly become messy if not wiped down frequently. Between soda and beer being spilled to ice cream melting on surfaces, it is safe to say that there are a lot of things working against the cleanliness of stadiums. It is important to have a crew lined up with adequate personnel and materials needed to wipe down surfaces between events and as needed throughout the occasion. 

Wiping down surfaces goes hand in hand with other disinfection surfaces. With thousands of people in an area comes the potential of spreading millions of germs, so it is important to prioritize sanitation processes. Wipe down high traffic areas like door knobs, buttons, handrails, and touch screens often to minimize the spread of germs from one person to the next. Be sure to offer wipes and sanitizing gel stations for attendants to utilize themselves; offering these supplies for the public will help let people do their part to keep each other safe and the stadium clean.

Make Bathrooms a Priority

It is easy to become fixated on keeping the stadium arena itself clean because that is where fans will spend a majority of their time, but it is not the only place they will be. It is important to have staff to keep bathroom stalls, urinals,  floors, and sinks, looking and smelling fresh. Be sure to have adequate supplies of hand soap, toilet paper, and sanitizing solutions in back stock to ensure all staff and event goers have the resources they need to properly clean up  themselves and any mess that occurs.

A bathroom experience won’t make or break the game or show, but it will leave an impression on fans as to how well the stadium staff takes care of the facilities. If your business is in need of stadium sanitation services or commercial building cleaning, check out our website to get connected with a team who can help today.

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