Space Planning: How Your Business Benefits

By Cappstone Inc. |

Space planning, also commonly called space management, has been a popular practice and topic of conversation for years, but has gotten a lot more attention recently. It could be due to how the pandemic has affected office-based companies and the workforce’s weekday routines. It could also be due to the idea that space is, for the corporate world in this case, a commodity that isn’t too far behind time on the list of the most valuable commodities. 

What makes space planning so interesting is how important and valuable it is to organizations that operate in either small or large workspaces. Sure, larger workspaces are preferred to smaller ones for many obvious reasons, but a poorly planned large workspace can be more detrimental to an organization than a well-planned, optimal workspace. The thing everyone can agree on is that a well-planned, strategic workspace benefits your business in many ways. Here’s how:

Reduced Costs

A well-planned, strategic workspace will benefit your business by reducing several operational costs, from your energy and utility bills to your business’s rent. A solid space plan may show you that your business needs less space, lowering monthly rent, and may require less heating, cooling, and electricity, lowering your utility costs.

Increased Collaboration

Whether your business is small, medium, or large, and however many individuals you employ, collaboration is a necessary part of success. Space planning will always have either a positive or negative effect on collaboration, making it an important consideration when space planning. 

Increased Productivity

The productivity of your employees is often the difference-maker between success and failure in business. A poorly planned workspace – one that makes it difficult or dreadful for one or more employees to conduct their work – will hinder productivity. In some cases, poor workspace planning may lead to the halt of productivity and have rippling effects (bad ones). If you want your business to be on the beneficial side, make sure your workspace planning seeks to enable and increase employee productivity.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is a significant indicator of the health of a company and the success (or lack thereof) of a business. High levels of employee satisfaction mean efficient operations, high quality work, high rates of employee retention and talent acquisition, and many more things. Tailoring a space plan that recognizes and accounts for your employees on both an individual and collective level will ultimately lead to increased employee satisfaction. 

Adapting to Modern Times

There’s a benefit to space planning that comes with adapting your plan to modern times that may be overlooked by many. The mental and physical health of both your employees and your customers and/or clients is a critical component in business. When things are good, business is good, and vice versa. In the COVID and post-COVID landscape, poorly planned spaces – especially overcrowded spaces – may be perceived negatively by employees and visitors. This can and will have an adverse affect on your business.

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